23 November 2010

Day Twenty Three

Today is Jack Chu's birthday, 23rd November.  Jack was a guy from Hong Kong who came over to Glasgow to finish his degree in Optometry in Caledonian University back in like 2004 or something.  I remember he joined the Cantonese service in church and later came to play footy with us when we played the uncles etc.  It was a frosty evening after church and I remember Jack had a Manchester United top on.  He asked if he could take my place in goals as he found it hard to breathe so much of the cold frosty air.  Haha!  Jack then became a friend of my mum as well after meeting her through Chung Ying cash and carry during her short stint there.  It's amazing how God works and brings people together, letting them meet and share special seasons in their lives.  When we visited Hong Kong in 2008 he was very eager to play host and took us around Causeway Bay, Wetland Park, Ocean Park etc.  Met his then girlfriend Avis as well and went to their church.  Jack is a cool guy.  Still is I'm sure, just that we have not been in contact for a long while.  Well since 2008 really when we came back.  He does speak to mum now and again through the phone.  Just thankful for friends around the world tonight.  =)

My first driving lesson is at 3pm tomorrow.  Morning lesson cancelled, so my working hours are gonna be a cushy 3pm start, 7:30pm finish.  Less hours means more rest, but also means less money.  Hmm... ah well, enjoy the rest while I can.  Might not be able to rest that much, especially if I want to go to the gym tomorrow to do cardio, shoulders and some abs.  Might even pop into the sauna and steam room at the end of it.  That actually makes me tired sometimes. Like the body wants to stay relaxed and then you doze off.  Haha!  Not in the steam room of course!  Maybe a couple of hours afterwards.  So I might nap at home before heading out for lunch with a brother in the west end.  Gonna go for dinner in the evening with another brother.  Special offer with a Spree Book.  =)  Night night!!

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