07 November 2010

Day Seven

A complete week of no Facebook and I don't think I've missed it very much, if at all.  I wonder why.  I really do.  It just goes to show how much I really 'need' it.  I think not being on for a week I have missed Events such as Guy's fireworks gathering, Henry's birthday celebrations.  Missed photos from James' birthday and I'm sure there are many pictures that my friends have uploaded which I have not seen.  But hey, life goes on.  I do get to blog more and most importantly, get to spend more time with God =)


This morning's devotions was based around the verse Proverbs 29:11: "A fool gives full vent to his anger, but a wise man keeps himself under control."  Mainly talking about how we lose control of our temper at times and how 'ugly' it can look to those around us.  The trick is to stay calm in situations where our temper is tested like when somebody wrongs us, when we wait in a long queue, when we do not get things as quickly as we'd like etc.  Patience is something that I need more of.  An incident this afternoon after church which involved my car quickly showed me how much more I need to meditate His word daily and live it out.  :)

The sermon at EM today reminded us how we live our lives can affect how people view God.  We as Christians are basically adverts for Jesus.  What we say and what we do can influence people's chances of being saved e.g. do we portray a positive and happy life and live to serve God and others?  Or do we live selfishly seeking to satisfy ourselves?  Phil Steed also reminded us that as children we often grow up seeking the approval of our parents e.g. we run home in excitement showing off our first painting from school.  As Christians we should live for approval from God and God alone.  No-one else matters.  I hope to live this out in the upcoming week =)


Went back to Glasgow University gym after EM service for a quick visit.  James signed me in as a guest.  I remember signing friends in as well before I left.  It has been about a year ago since I last stepped foot inside the gym and I was kinda eager to see what sort of changes have taken place.  Well the queue at reception was exceptionally long.  There was only one girl at reception dealing with everything from purchases to towel return, from signing up to gym membership to booking for football court.  Poor girl was rushed off her feet with no help!  =(  I went up to the fourth floor and used the new look changing room lockers.  The changing room looked nicer but overall more crammed .  The showers were limited to four cubicle showers and four open showers.  The water was still at the fixed temperature of HOT and there were NO shower gel pumps available anymore!  I only had LOreal shampoo with me, so I used that for my hair on my head and everywhere else that has hair.  Reminded me of Auchengillan retreat one year where I had Herbal Essence shampoo but forgot shower gel.  Had to think of my feet as well!! =P

The most eagerly anticipated room to visit at the gym was the Strength Suite (aka the weights room).  So let's back track to before my showering stuff.  I walked in to check out the changes there but was instead faced with a big room full of young people working out, many of whom seem a bit lost.  The whole room looked dull and run down.  Equipment were in tatters: dumbbells were not replaced from two years ago and were beginning to fall apart.  Some benches were taped up as the padding began to crack.  Floor space was quite limited especially after having a squat rack and a barbell area.  The overall student to equipment to floor space ratio was very very obscure.  It took me about five minutes to walk around and then felt comfortable enough to put down my water bottle and pen/paper and pick up a set of 10kg dumbbells stranded on the floor and went on to do some curls as warm up.  I managed to do some 45' dumbbell curls on a bench, skull crushers, hammer curls and then cable pushdowns before I went for a shower, just moments before the overhead tannoy announced the facilities were all closed.  Naturally that's when the stampede heading to the showers begin!

As I left the changing room I felt that my decision to join Greens was re-justified.  I have absolutely no regrets in moving on to Greens, to something bigger and better.  And to be honest, I have become bigger and fitter whilst training at Greens compared to at the uni gym.  Tonight I saw some guys I recognised from last year who still train at this gym.  They do the same exercises, they look the same.  It's a real shame.  Maybe it's down to increase in knowledge of training.  Maybe it's down to personal trainer advice at Greens.  Maybe it's down to more facilities, equipment and choice of classes to attend.  Maybe it's all the above.  But I definitely know I have no regrets in the change. =)

Post workout dinner

Went to James' place for dinner after the gym.  The two of us had rice, potatoes, chicken, vegetables and Fruitiser (variation to Appletiser).  Chatted for a while as well and somehow the night of Sloan's appeared in conversation.  That was Ling's ceilidh dinner back in March this year.  It brought back fond memories for the two of us :)


  1. Congrats on one week without FB! You are braver than me!

    Also, I did notice that u had gone buffer - like I had said to u

    And lastly, yeah - that ceilidh was a brilliant welcome night...loved it =)

  2. @xyling:

    Cheers for the comment, Scallop. First comment here in months! Haha!

    Wish I had danced at the ceilidh now! :D