03 November 2010

Day Three


Have not missed Facebook at all.  Ok, had thought about it a few times but those thoughts were not strong enough to push me to log on. Haha!  My fellow instructor friend Bryan says I'm mad for doing this and that he thinks I'll only manage it for one week.  I said we should put this to the test.  Haha!  I think for the first three days things are quite easy.  Try getting me not going to the gym for three days I'd be heavy complaining.  Haha!

Work was pretty easy today.  Four lessons, the longest being a 1.5hr lesson, rest of them 1hr.  Had a long break between 2pm-4:30pm which I spent most of it in the newly opened Tesco Extra on Maryhill Road.  The place is HUGE!!  Used to be an old shopping centre with a Tesco inside it.  However, now the whole thing has become a Tesco!!  Everyone enters on the ground floor and has to take a travelator up to first floor for shopping!  I spent my time in the cafe having a hotdog, chips and beans along with a tea.  Chatted on the phone with Bryan and mum as well as read the Evening Times newspaper.  Before I knew it, the break was over and I went back out for my final two lessons.


Not much to report really.  Well, the twinge on my knee... didn't give me any problems during my workout this morning.  During deadlifts I did feel some "tingle" in the right knee but it soon disappeared as the exercising went on.  Good thing really cos Sean and his flatmate James showed up and I started working through my workout with James, spotting him and letting him try out certain exercises with a lighter weight.  Was good.  He'll be back on Friday morning and I think we'll do focus on body weight exercises as James is into wall climbing etc and would like to improve his upper body strength and grip etc.  Things I have in mind include pull ups, close grip and wide grip, tricep dips, press ups and reverse rows.  Might even do reverse curls for forearm muscles.

This weekend...

Well I think I'm going to watch the new comedy film "Due Date" on Friday or Saturday.  It looks very funny with Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis (famous after "The Hangover").  Yeah, so I think I'll go to chill out and have a laugh.

Talking about chilling out, this Saturday is the first Saturday of November and I will take the day off.  Will go for a massage at the Men's Store in the morning, then go for a spot of lunch and possible visit some travel agents for a quote on flights to Singapore next December for Kenneth and Xiao Ling's wedding.  It might seem very far-fetched to ask for prices for NEXT December, but I wanna try it anyway cos I am genuinely considering going over for their wedding and might visit Malaysia and/ or Hong Kong whilst I'm there :)  Saturday afternoon will be PEB meeting, all in Cantonese.  Whoo-hoo!!  Haha!

Sunday I should be visiting Glasgow Uni gym (Stevenson building) with James after church.  Will be returning back to my roots where I started my weights training.  Facilities might be basic compared to the likes of Greens, however I look forward to seeing how things have developed a year after I left :)

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