09 November 2010

Day Nine

Mind a lot clearer this morning at the gym.  Good thing really, cos I really needed the focus and determination to fight my way through the wind and rain storm from east end to Greens at Finnieston.  Arrived to find the place a little quieter than usual.  Not surprised.  Haha!  I had packed my gym stuff last night before bed, so all I had to do was get up, get changed and put on contact lenses and I was ready.  Otherwise, if I had more to do I might have just become another "casualty" from the bad weather.  Haha!  Another good incentive to get up and going was meeting James Sweeney from C7 church.  He said he'd see me around seven, so I didn't wanna let him down either.  In fact, I thank God for giving me these little things to give me incentive or a push at times when it's easy to give up :)  In the gym we did the 300 Workout.  Ok, I did the full 300 Workout and supported James through most of his, but as it was his first time attempting it, he did pretty well.

Three driving lessons today with a three hour break between the second and third one, so I took Cat to Halfords and we bought a few things like car mats, anti fog solution, and chamois sponges etc.  Now Cat has new car mats which is good, especially in the run up for winter and the bad snowy weather we are to expect.  Haha!


The pupil in the last driving lesson did not perform as well as the previous two weeks.  She mentioned as soon as she got in to the car that she had just smashed a full sized mirror at home on her way out for her lesson.  Whereas I am not superstitious I think it might have affected her and the two hour lesson had some dodgy moments like turning right at a traffic light junction without giving way to oncoming vehicles (which I had stopped), stalling midway through turn in the road (usually no problems with this), running up kerb on the left reverse and last but not least, reverse into a bin on her reverse bay park at the very end of her lesson.  It was just the final moments of her lesson when she was to park between two cars as she always did, but this time the car was too close to the car on the right, so as she slowly reversed in a straight line she looked at her right mirror too long and forgetting to check her back window we had a crunch.  The bin is the square-ish type, and all black with rectangle opens on two sides for putting rubbish in.  It's also has a grille at the top for people to put out their cigarette stubs.  It was 7:58pm, it was dark outside, the bin was black and my rear bumper bumped into it.  No mark on the bin but a small dent on the bumper.  Didn't look too bad from first check but can definitely feel the bump and will have to call up tomorrow to report it.  Can expect to pay £50 or something for that.  Sigh sigh.  Lesson learnt, do not take your guard down when teaching even at the last two minutes!!


Without moaning too much I have three items of thanksgiving for today.

1) As I left the house for work this morning, I saw my downstairs neighbour come up to catch his cat which must have escaped when he opened his front door.  So I greeted him then we proceeded to go down the stairs.  I then asked him if he had any plans to remove the rubbish lying outside his door.  He told me he didn't know what to do with the rubbish, that he left rubbish out once and it was taken away.  I told him he had to take his own rubbish through to the backcourt, cos the rubbish by his doorway sometimes stank.  That is quite unhygienic as well as a fire hazard.  It is not appealling to any of my visitors either, not that I have any.  Lol!  But I thank God for providing me the opportunity to speak to the guy instead of chapping on his door and appearing hostile etc.  Btw, I made sure I smiled and appeared friendly when asking him.  Haha!  Update is, the rubbish was all gone by the time I came home today around 4pm!  =D

2) The rain was so heavy when I got up this morning and battered against the car on both legs of my journey to Greens.  However at 9:40am when I left for work the rain suddenly stopped and sunshine came out!  The first lesson was very bright in fact!  Also I saw a rainbow at my second lesson, around 2pm in the Springburn area.  I pointed out the rainbow to my pupil.  Haha!

3) I received great news from a close brother that God answered our prayers about his recent application.  The application was successful and this shows God is the wonderful Provider for us, no matter what our situation is.  We can rely on Him.  This news is encouraging and I hope strengthens the brother's faith in this tough time =)

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