11 March 2012

Back in Glasgow

I reached home back to Glasgow on the scheduled time of 1651hrs this afternoon.  It felt strange to be back on home soil.  The Glaswegian feeling came flooding back.  Fortunately, until now I still carry the positive feelings from the lovely weekend I spent with Ian and Leanne.  Still replaying the jokes and funny moments we shared together.  Looking at the pictures and watching the videos made me smile again.  Even as I shared some with mum I was very excited, especially the wedding stuff and showing her the pets too.  Everything was so nice and I was so relaxed this weekend.  I really do thank God for Ian and Leanne.  I believe God has blessed us to be friends and allow our friendship to develop through time and through distance.  I feel so happy to hear that the bedroom at their place is always welcome for me.  I do look forward to staying at their place again in the future.  =)

Here we have the last picture of the three of us for March.  I will be back in July and look forward to having another blast of a time.  MORE bromance, MORE jokes, MORE FIFA, MORE food and of course THE WEDDING!!!  =D

I'll share more another time.  For now it is time for bed before I get up again, hopefully back to the earlier time of 6AM for the gym and we kick off again.  We all return to work tomorrow and I hope we all carry on smiling and laughing.  God bless y'all.

Lesson of the Day: Beware of first impressions.  They are not always right.

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