24 December 2011

Christmas 2011: Christmas Eve!!

Currently busy watching "Young Bruce Lee"... brb

Young Bruce Lee was very good.  It was uploaded on Youtube through eleven parts and I watched it all.  Mum was tired from work so only managed to stay awake until the sixth part and then fell asleep.  I guess she'll have to catch up next time.  Haha!

Well Christmas even was pretty boring to be honest.  I was not well enough to work not go to the gym.  So was pretty gutted I missed out on the 90-Minute Body Attack class which Cat and Iain went to.  So sad!  =(  I could not string 3-4 sentences without coughing like crazy.  Really felt like something was tickling the walls of my throat resulting in coughing fit.  If that was only talking, then think of how much coughing would result from rapid breathing in response to face paced exercising!  And also, how much coughing from talking lots during the driving lessons.  =(  As a result I had to cancel my two lessons as well.

Spent more time in bed.  Slept till midday before getting up for brunch, medication, then went online, did devotionals, listened to more worship songs on Youtube and then burned an MP3 cd for the car.  It wasn't until after dinner in the evening that I suggested to mum that we watch the Young Bruce Lee movie.  She was a little reluctant at first because she said she was uber tired from work cos McDonald's so was uber packed due to the last day of shopping for most people and they was crazy rush to town to get those presents.

Before we knew it, it was midnight and Christmas arrived.  We greet each other a Merry Christmas and I went on to tidy up the computer to TV set up as I had linked it up for the movie.  Think I got to bed about 1AM after being on Facebook and reading lots of different, yet the same, updates full of Christmas wishes.  Haha!  Will be a long day ahead for Christmas Day.  Church service then dinner at Aaron Sam's place.  =)

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