05 December 2009

Three weeks till Christmas!!

I find it hard to believe that there are only three weeks left till Christmas, well twenty days to be precise. Where has the time gone?? It's almost time to look back at the previous year and count upon all the blessings that God has given me. The up's and the down's, the good and the bad. I won't have time to review everything tonight as it is 7:40pm on a Saturday night and tonight I want to spend time sorting stuff out with my notepad and arranging the publications and magazines and re-organising my life basically.

So much has been happening since my last post on the 28th of November. In fact, that "Lanty David" actually contacted me through Google Talk whilst I was at work. It came through on my phone and "he" (I actually thought it was a she from the xxxxxxx left at the end of the emails) persisted in asking if I was interested in going ahead with the deal (re. "Beware the launderers!" post). I told him I didn't want a bankers draft, but would much rather a personal cheque or payment through Paypal. He said he didn't have those alternatives. I told him that there was a lot of money involved and that I did not feel comfortable with it considering all the news about money laundering. The result - he went silent. And never chatted back!! Lol!

So...back to square one. The car is still parked on the street not from my house. The new tax disc came though - £82.50 bought me vehicle duty until 31 May 2010. So basically I have taxed my vehicle for nothing but simply to put it on a UK road. It's unfortunate I do not have my own driveway or an off-road carpark, otherwise I would declare my vehicle SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) for 12 months and save myself some money. My Autotrader advert runs out this Monday (7th December) and I don't think I'll renew it. Has caused me more problems than I anticipated - funny phone calls, weird emails etc. Just crazy and more hassle than it's worth. Autotrader advert was £35!! Paid that and it has bought me nothing! No progress whatsoever!

Ah well, at least the driving tuition business is going well. So far so good. Enjoying myself and it seems my pupils are having a good time too. Took on my fourth pupil this morning. Not a complete learner. He is experienced in manual and automatic transmissions. Initially had thought it would take a while to teach the clutch, but surprisingly he did quite well, especially in finding the biting point and we didn't stall once! :) After the lesson I went to Tesco, grabbed breakfast oats and some lunch. Then went to church meeting after that and came home around 6pm. It's time to unwind, since it's a Saturday night. But no. I have stuff to do. Must get on with it.

Tomorrow... gonna wash the car, take mum Chinese shopping, go to church, go to the gym, then chill ooot! Finally! =D


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