18 December 2009

Seven days till Christmas!!

Wow!! Christmas is exactly a week away! It is 10:30pm right now. I wonder what I'll be doing this time next week? I wonder how I'll be feeling?

Right now I still feel ill. A tad bit worse than yesterday. Yesterday my throat was a little sore when swallowing. Today I feel my throat has clammed up even more making swallowing even harder. Strepsils have not helped much, unfortunately. My nose is blocking up a bit too. (Currently inhaling is mainly done through the right nostril! How annoying!!) Feeling a bit cold as well. Yep, I know the great outdoors is freezing right now, and is forecasted to be around -5C to -7C in certain parts of Central Scotland - great! =O

Well today after work I came home and had lunch. Took my time with it today as I did not have a driving lesson in the afternoon. In fact, I made my own fried rice! Have not done that for a long while! Whilst having lunch I watched a video that was recommended to me, on Youtube. I shall share the link with you all. Watch it if you have a spare six minutes. Believe me, it'll be worth it. Without spoiling it for those who have not watched it: what I saw really touched me, especially towards the end. One word: Sacrifice! It made me recall how great a sacrifice He made for me, how he took all bad things upon Himself, so that I can be "born again". Yet so many times I fail to remember that and find myself "taking on" more bad stuff, more evil stuff. That only hurts Him and that brings sadness to me.

In the afternoon I went back to Greens gym. First visit since signing up on Tuesday. I got myself a black velcro wristband instead of the green one. As black represents anytime access, whereas the green was for off-peak only. I warmed up on the rowing machine, stretched off, tried the Power Plate, then did some weights before attending my very first Body Attack class. The class was not busy today, I think twelve people max including the instructor, and I was the freshman among them all. I felt everyone was so fast at the start, but I managed to keep up and gradually got coordinated with the steps ok. It was very very tiring and I only managed to follow around 80% of the whole thing. As the hour-mark approached I was sweating like a pig! Big pig!! Felt a relief it was over and was told I done quite well for this being my first time. =) After that I decided to go down to the jucuzzi, sauna and steam room and spent about half an hour in relaxation. I am very pleased with the overall facilities, the space and the cleanliness of Greens Gym and I am glad I signed up. I have four "One Week Trial" offers to give anybody who would like to try this gym out for a week - no obligation! Let me know alright? =)

Anyway, I had hoped sweating it out in Body Attack and in the sauna and steam room would help me get better soon. Maybe it will...maybe it won't. We'll find out in due course I guess. For now I have started coughing infrequently. =S Worship practice tomorrow at 10am!! Oh dear...


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