26 December 2009

Boxing Day!!

As the above picture shows, I went to the Next Sale at 7am this morning. It was my fourth Boxing Day visit and was Alfred's third visit in four years. It has become somewhat of a tradition that we go to the Next Sale, but this year Aaron and Charlotte were not out with us. Me and Alfred drove from the east and the west of Glasgow and parked at Buchanan Bus Station whilst we shopped for a little over an hour. Bumped into Epon as well. The early bird catches the worm they say. And I managed to grab a few bargains :) After we got our stuff Alfred and I went to Costa for a drink and a wee chat. Cheers for the creme brulee latte, bro! :)

Parted with Alfred and I went home to unpack my shopping and had some lunch. It was whilst trying on the stuff I discovered two things: one of the zippers I bought in medium was a bit tight around my shoulders, and the zipper I bought still had the electronic tag on!! Haha! No wonder we still beeped when we left Boots! However, I don't remember beeping on the way in though! Weird!! Anyway, I definitely had to get the tag removed lest I'd set off all security alarms each time I go into shops. Lol!

After lunch I drove back out to Buchanan Galleries. This time through the snow and managed to return my medium zipper, got the electronic tag removed and guess what? Whilst in Next I ended up seeing and liking another three items so ended up getting them too, which brought my total tally to ten items. I then went to the Springburn driving test centre and drove around the surrounding areas taking in the different roads in the area that I might be teaching in one day soon. Last Wednesday a colleague from the office asked me to take her for driving lessons starting the last week of January so that's another pupil count. Just hoping the weather will have improved by then =)

I took a half hour nap before I put the turkey in the oven for tonight's dinner. Within two hours I was eating again! Haha! Oh yeah, immediately after I got up from my nap I actually had a bowl of cereal. Felt peckish but didn't want to snack, so cereal was the healthiest option :) And for the rest of the night, well I had planned to do some reading, but for the third night in a row my hands didn't even pick up the book. In fact, my eyes didn't even look at the cover! Haha! So... unproductive in that sense, but at least productive points of the day were the ten items I got from Next and also allowed mum to watch more episodes of "Still Game" on dvd and I played some online games on Kongregate. I like puzzle games. =)

Time for bed real soon. My throat is still sore and whilst typing this my left nostril is blocked and to just breathe through the right nostril is really painful. Does anybody else get that? And yeah, I have now gotten myself more hot water after my honey lemon finished. When will I be back to full health? =S

Click on the Next Sale picture to see more pictures added on to my Christmas pictures on Facebook :)


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