17 December 2009

Eight days till Christmas!!

Gonna be a short blogpost tonight. Got a bit of a sore throat developing today. Woke up feeling a little groggy, kind of blocked up, but not too bad. Just initial signs of falling ill. So the antidote for that is plenty of fluids and plenty of sleep. Ok, it's gonna be a short blogpost tonight.

So today, went to work after a day off yesterday. The shift went by quite quickly. I was looking forward to the clock reaching 12:30pm because I had plans to go watch"Avatar 3D" at 1pm. Had not been to a lunchtime movie for ages. Even the occasional Saturday cinema visits are in the afternoon after the gym etc. Still had to queue for about ten mins or so because it was "Avatar 3D" official opening day so was busier than usual. The film was quite good, albeit a bit long. 3D film... not very 3D again like what you might get at an IMAX 3D feature. But still enjoyable. However, I was surprised there was still a charge of £1.30 to watch the movie. I thought bringing my own 3D specs would have made it much cheaper, or better yet, free!! Anyway, I think that's the only 3D film I'll watch in Cineworld for a while now. Not very worth it, not 3D enough. Haha!

Felt blessed today as well. Blessed is he who is given Strepsils when he has a sore throat. Blessed is he who is given a Christmas card and present. =) Blessed is he who returns home from frosty cold weather to have a warm fillet steak dinner! =)

Logging off here. Will check out my Facebook pages and then get ready for bed. Night y'all!


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