16 December 2009

Nine days till Christmas!!

Those of you who follow my Facebook status might have read that I won a watch at the office Christmas night out last Friday. The Christmas night out took place last Friday at Hilton Grosvenor but I did not attend. I went to the gym instead after giving a driving lesson. We were all informed there would be a prize draw for all members of staff regardless of attendance, but I had not expected anything out of it at all.

Monday morning I was congratulated for winning a watch!! Haha! At first I was not sure what sort of watch it was. However, I did hear that there were other prizes like £300 worth of holiday vouchers, a Playstation 3, £40 Marks & Spencer vouchers etc and the lowest of the prizes were £10 vouchers. So my watch was listed around the top eight in value order. I was pretty surprised to see it was a Ben Sherman's watch when Fiona from the social committee dropped it off at my desk this morning. I am wearing it as I type this blog post. Just wanted to try it on. Haha! =P

This is totally God's blessing for me. Not luck, not chance, but God's grace. Grace is when we do nothing, yet God gives us something. Each and everyday we are surrounded by His grace and it is sufficient for us to live in. Just like we discussed over dinner tonight with two friends - we are indeed very fortunate to be where we are today. Each of us warmly clothed, sitting in a Chinese restaurant consuming Chinese food, drinking Chinese tea, having a laugh, sharing a good time. There are many people who are homeless, many who may die from the freezing cold weather. We might complain we are poor sometimes, but in fact, we actually live in abundance with what "little" we have. We should appreciate each and every thing we possess. We should learn to accredit it all to God above. Nothing we have here is ours, but is blessed by God. Even this watch! :)


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