28 December 2009

Last day off work

Had a day off work today, in place of the Boxing Day which fell on a Saturday this year, so the public holiday got pushed to the next available working day - today =)

Spent most of the day with Matt my driving instructor friend who showed me around the training areas for Shieldhall test centre, Paisley test centre and parts of Anniesland test centre. We covered a lot of ground and there are lots to take in, so I will need to sleep over it and let it all sink in. After which I will need to go back and visit certain areas as I prepare myself for taking on three more pupils in January. Challenging yet exciting times ahead =) I am thankful to God for Matt's kindness in offering up his time to help me and show me around (for nothing in return!) when he could be spending time with his family at home.

After we finished up I went to the gym and attended my first Body Combat class. This is the third class I've attended in Greens and I'd have to say it was not very challenging compared to Body Attack (tired me for four days!) and Body Pump (almost killed me as I had done a weights workout beforehand). This class I expected something similar perhaps, and so I only did some warm up stretches before going in. I was the only guy in the class!! Haha! So I went over to talk to Angela who has been in each class I've been to so far. She's hardcore man! Almost attends every classes every day! Been a gym member for three years she says. Anyway, it was better to train next to someone I knew rather than feel like a lamb to the slaughter! Haha! The 45mins wasn't very tough and before I knew it we were stretching off and I headed in for a shower and came home for lovely dinner. More turkey and rice!! More protein and carbs!! Yummy ah!!

I am working a full day tomorrow, as a favour for my team, to cover David's annual leave. After work I will go to my first spinning class (fast cycling on stationary bikes in a studio). The receptionist whom I spoke to last week said she tried it once and couldn't sit down for two days!! Lol! That intense meh? Haha! I hope not la! But at least it'll be a great cardio workout and the following two days I will focus on weights training only. I really need to bulk up man. An auntie from church told me yesterday that I looked slimmer; that my face looks thinner but that it was good-looking. I thanked her for her compliment but told her I'd rather bulk up. Haha! It's true! That's the second Sunday that someone in church said I looked thinner. I don't want to look fat, but I want to be more muscular. I don't want to look srawney and weak. I want to look powerful and strong and look like A MAN!! Haha! =D



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