15 December 2009

Ten days till Christmas!!

Wow!! Been a very busy few days for me leading up to Christmas this year. It's not that bad, really, but I just feel I run out of time to do stuff so quickly!

So what has been happening? Been so busy with working part-time at the HR job, finishing 12:30pm each weekday. Then I give driving tuition usually from 2pm. Tonight I had a driving lesson at 7pm-8pm!! This morning I changed my gym. I finally decided to make a move and leave Glasgow University Gym, Stevenson Building, for Greens Gym at Finnieston. Sure, the monthly fee is a lot higher than the Uni gym charged, but for the extra £11.15 a month I get access to free parking anytime I attend the gym. I get better opening hours that does not run according to term time. I get access to many more machines, weights and equipment which means I won't have to queue to wait for my turn. Cleaner lockers and showering facilities and also poolside jacuzzi spas!! Ooooh!! Have never been in one before! Might have a shot before trying the hot tub in the English Ministry New Year retreat! =D (P.s. did I mention, by me joining Greens now, I don't have to pay any monthly fees until 1st Feb! Almost two months free use of a gym!!)

Yesterday I went Christmas shopping after work. Went to get a present for the person I drew out of the Secret Santa hat. No - he is not my Secret Santa, as my Secret Santa is the person who picked my name. Dunno why, but there is always confusion when people ask, "Who is your secret santa?" and the answer usually given is the name of your "target person" whom you're buying for. Nah, get it right people! You're Secret Santa is the person buying you the present! You shouldn't know who it is, or else...where is the fun in that?! Lol! Anyway, I hope the person who I bought the present for likes the thing I bought :)

I also went to get birthday present and birthday card for next Sunday's birthday dinner at Di Maggio's for Henry Woo's birthday. He'll be 20 and he is pretty excited about having his first birthday dinner in about five years. Hope it'll be a gooood one for him! Di Maggio's will be mobbed with Christmas dinner patrons, but hopefully our birthday celebrations will crowd out the Christmas dinner people, especially when we sing Happy Birthday to Henry!! Haha!!

Yeah, so lots of birthday presents to get, dinners to attend. Kerry's 21st birthday dinner was on Sunday, twenty-four of us went to celebrate with her at Duck Bay Marina restaurant in Loch Lomond. The drive through the fog wasn't easy, but the celebration made it worthwhile. Kerry was happy and appreciated everyone's presence :)

So plans for tomorrow... Work till 12:30pm. Driving lesson 2pm-4pm. Out to town for a while. Dinner and catch up with friends at China Blue 7:30pm till roughly 10pm I think? Then home to snoooze, I hope!

Thursday... Work till 12:30pm. "Avatar 3D" right after work perhaps? The movie is about three hours long inclusive of trailers. After the movie I'll probably do some reading in Starbucks again. Or maybe just a library instead, which opens till 8pm on a Thursday. Will try to save my pennies now as all this going out, socialising and shopping is damaging my numbers. Lol!

Friday... Work till 12:30pm. Driving lesson 1:30pm-3:30pm. Gym at 4pm, hoping to attend Body Attack class at 5:30pm for an hour, then might jump into jacuzzi for a wind-down! :D

Saturday and Sunday will be busy too. I'm expecting worship practice on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday I'll be playing guitar for Boon in EM for the EM Christmas Carol service. The Sunday School kids will join us too, so it'll be extra busy and we hope it'll be very entertaining. After church - collect all remaining New Year retreat camp fees from people! Then there's Henry's birthday dinner at Di Maggio's, booked for 6pm!! Oooh!! What will I wear? =O


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