24 December 2009

One day till Christmas!!

It's Christmas Eve today! Just twenty mins to go till we arrive at Christmas morning. All children should be in bed. Some might leave out milk and cookies for Santa's arrival when he drops presents. Me... it is 11:45pm and I am still awake. I am waiting to catch a glimpse of Santa. Hahaha! Lol! That would have been me when I was seven or something. Haha! In actual fact, I don't think I've believed in Santa very much in my life. Maybe because my parents were Chinese and never really talked about Santa stuff. It's quite a 'gwailo' thing. Haha!! Therefore I have never believe in Santa and I have never believed in the tooth fairy as well. When a tooth came off: throw it in the bin! Don't keep it under the pillow! It'll rot! Hahaha!!

Anyway, this year's Christmas Eve was very very cold! The bed for some strange reason felt extraordinarily comfortable! And I accredited the extra 20 mins of lying in bed to being tired from the gym. But when I stepped out my room, my goodness, I could feel the chill in the air!! Must have been my body's system wanting to avoid the coldness. Once I got outside the streets were partially covered with overnight snow but everything was frozen!! I took a few pictures of how icy everything was. It wasn't until I checked my trip computer whilst defrosting the windscreen that I discovered the air temperature was -6C!! My goodness! That is the lowest temperature I remember experiencing in Glasgow!! Ever!! =O Driving was not too tough as the snow had melted from the busy roads. But once I got to park on the tighter streets, extra care had to be taken especially when stopping on a slight downhill and then watching my clutch when reversing back. There were only two of us in from our team today. Myself and Eileen. The shift seemed to drag on as everyone was looking to finish for Christmas. Finally 1pm arrived and I was freeee!! Popped into BP garage in hope of getting a carwash, but guess what? The carwash had been frozen in!! Lol!! Ah well, I drove my dirty car home. =P

Had lunch at home, watched some tv and went online. Played this game on Kongregate. Game was controlling traffic lights at busy junctions and letting cars go through without causing any accidents. That took up like over an hour of my time! Haha! Had hoped to do some reading as well. It wasn't long before Cat came home from work and prepared dinner. By then it was soo cold in the house that I turned the heater on full and I had to wear my longjohns too! Haha! The double layer of protection came in useful when I went to pick mum up from work at 7pm. Mum's not feeling well you see. She has developed a bad cough and blocked nose, but still struggles to work. I think I get the tough fighter genes from her. =) Anyway, got mum home, then she had dinner. Mum brought home with her gifts from her colleague who gave her authentic Spanish nougats from his hometown, and also a Christmas card from another manager. The card had two five-pound M&S vouchers in it to our surprise. Praise God for the various gifts and surprises she has received from colleagues and customers alike this Christmas and throughout the year =)

For the rest of the evening I decided to watch "Still Game" Christmas specials with mum. Whilst watching that I reformatted my laptop. It is something I do on a yearly basis, where I backup all my useful files and then refresh the whole system which frees up all the "lost" gigabytes of spaces and helps make the system run incredibly faster, resembling how it were when I first bought it. Hehe! Since I use my laptop for admin and accounts for my driving instruction business, it is vitally important I don't let my computer get bogged down with junk that I don't need. Subsequently, whilst reformatting I have now installed and began to use Firefox as my web browser. Have heard so many positive gains of using this over Internet Explorer. So I will take time to get used to this new browser as well as retrieving my previous settings. :)

So there you have it! That is how I spent my Christmas Eve! At work then at home. No other plans for tomorrow except maybe watch more tv with mum, having a simple lunch, then prep dinner for the evening time. Won't stay up that late as I will have a very early wake for another annual event - the Next Sale!! =D

p.s. Thanks for the hamster's message asking for today's blogpost. A nice surprise to find somebody literally following my blogs :)

p.p.s. My health... about 80% full health now. Can even sing! Haha!


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  1. haha. I am sure I am not the only one.

    Thank God for the Good health!!