20 December 2009

Five days till Christmas!!

What a day! Woke up in the morning feeling more energetic than yesterday morning, but when I went to speak it as hoarse again! Sigh!! Coughed a few times, had a protein shake, then my usual morning porridge oats to warm my throat up. Did ironing and shredding confidential paper. Showered and shaved before lunch then packed up my Secret Santa present before going to church. Didn't really talk to people much today because voice was so rough and sounded horrible. But few people jokingly told me it sounded "sexy", "deep" and "husky". Lol! Thanks!

First thing before I sat down in EM a Sunday School kid from middle class came up to me and gave me a Christmas card! That was very sweet of him. He is a well-behaved kid in class as well and he is already showing respect to his elders. Lol! He has potential! :) At the end of EM I was given my Christmas present from Secret Santa. A nice Santa bag with three presents inside and a Christmas card! =D I was envied by a few people. =) I now know who the person is as she wrote her name on the card. Hehe! Thank you KT!! I haven't opened the presents yet, but I will be so excited come Christmas Day! =D

Went to Henry's birthday dinner at Di Maggio's restaurant. The place was busy busy with mostly Christmas dinners. But we were celebrating the Twentieth birthday of our wee friend. Henry seemed delighted with all who attended the dinner, showing him love and support and he was definitely surprised when the TWO birthday cakes came out after we had our main course! =D It was good to see Henry enjoying himself so much and I hope everyone else at the dinner did too =)

Once I got home my throat got really "cold" and dry. My voice was husky-ing again and breathing really pained my nostrils for some reason. Like my sinus area. I had to quickly make honey lemon and starting sipping away at it. Phew!! Helped a lot! Time is now 11:39pm and I am finishing off this post with a refill of hot water into my massive Starbucks mug. Will look through today's pictures and decide which ones to put on Facebook then get to bed. Work 8:45am - 10:30am tomorrow... yes, finishing two hours early as the office gives Christmas half-day off, and bring part time that gives me 2hrs! Not bad eh! I'll just go in, hopefully voice will be much better, sit and work for two hours and then offskis back home! Lol!

Goodnight everyone and God bless!


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