21 December 2009

Four days till Christmas!!

Not long back from the 24-Hour Tesco at St Rollox. The place was surprisingly quiet for only being four days before Christmas. The last time I went for Christmas dinner shopping the place was jam-packed and we found ourselves among the sea of people searching turkey, duck or roast beef dinners; anything we could get our hands on so we could eat on Christmas Day. However, this year the stock was aplenty. I went in with an empty trolley, left with a 'Family Turkey Breast and Thigh Joint', a packet of Schwartz luxury bread sauce and two packets of Quakers Oats So Simple porridge oats. The last two items are not dinner related as they are my normal breakfasts. Lol! So, Christmas dinner is sorted for another year. So far we know Cat will be at work on Christmas day but will finish around 4pm. Lunch will be just me and mum having something simple for lunch, then in the afternoon I'll start prepping dinner for three of us. Not sure if Cat would be able to stomach all the eating as she is expecting a luxurious Christmas breakfast and Christmas late lunch in her workplace. Haha!

Anyway, as mentioned in my previous post I worked 8:45am-10:30am this morning. The two hours just flew by very quickly. I packed up and headed home with a list of "to-do" items which included: taking stuff to the Salvation Army, a call to check on delivery status of my exercise mat (that early Christmas present I mentioned on Facebook which is STILL not here yet!), a call to check on delivery status of the new kitchen extractor fan and of course, to hoover the house and of course to have lunch. Lunch was a simple sandwich and a tea. Salvation Army was a quick ten minute round trip. The house is much cleaner after a good hoover. My exercise mat is confirmed to arrive on Wednesday! (fingers crossed!!) and DHL delivered the extractor fan around 2:20pm! Great! Time to get working!

I stayed in the rest of the afternoon putting the extractor fan together: read and re-read the instructions and tried putting parts together etc. This extractor fan unit did not come with an electrical cable to plug in for power, so I thought I'd remove the old one cable and re-wire it into the new unit. Sounded simple enough right? It wasn't until I removed the old unit and checked out the power connection that I realised the old cable only had two wires through it: live and neutral (blue and brown respectively). However, the new unit required a connection of the earthwire (yellow and green). After making enquiries with friends and technical experts I decided to go buy new cable from B&Q. So I went down to get 3-core flex 5m and came home to wire up the unit and wired up my own plug as well. That was my first time wiring a plug from scratch, not only that, at the same time I wired up an extractor fan!! Praise God for giving me eyes to read, good hand-eye co-ordination and of course, Google! Haha! =D After almost four hours, which included a trip down to B&Q during rush hour, I managed to install the fan onto the window, throw away the old one, tidied up AND started to cook rice for dinner. Once mum came home from work she was well impressed with it all. I am the man of the house and we cannot expect the women to do all these sorts of labour work. I found and contacted the Expelair company, queried then ordered the fan then fitted it. I thank God for helping me through it though it all. Even the fitting was not easy, cos the window was so high up and it's one which folds towards you and I had stand on my kitchen unit to fit it and make sure the back part did not come loose and fly away! Lol! Anyway, it's all over now and we can finally get some ventilation in the kitchen without opening the window and letting in the icy cold air! Haha! =D

I was hoping to go to Body Pump today at 6:30pm, but by the time I finished with the fan there was no way I could have made it, so just decided to stay home for dinner and then go to the gym in the next couple of days. So I think tomorrow I will go to Core Stability at 6:30pm then Abs at 7:15pm. Yeah, I'll probably do some workout for an hour or so before the classes then focus on the core. What about Wednesday? I should finish 12:30pm and then come home to receive my exercise mat from DPD =) Since the gym closes early the next day on Christmas Eve I'll go to the gym on Wednesday as well: Abs at 7:45pm then Body Pump at 8:15pm. That'll be my last visit until the 28th of something. Haha!

Oh yeah, my sore throat. Yes, still sore. Actually the pain comes and goes. However, my voice, I would say it is about 70% better. At least my workmates this morning could understand me, albeit giving me sympathy, telling me I should be in bed. I told then I had a even worse weekend and this is considered "better" now. My nose has started to block up now and again as well. Grrr!! Ok, I'm gonna finish off my honey lemon then get ready for bed. Goodnight!


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