19 December 2009

Six days till Christmas!!

Had a bad night of sleep last night. Felt very hot and flustered at various times through the night. Throat was dry, nose was blocked. It was horrible. Each time I turned I felt my tired muscles ache from the Body Attack class, which was fine cos those muscle aches are "good" aches and is my body responding to the "attack" it was under. However, each time I turned I was aware that my inhaling through my throat gave a funny noise, like there was phlegm there, and swallowing got harder as well. Sigh...

Got up before my alarm went off and after my morning pee it was confirmed that I was sick!! Couldn't even say good morning to my mum without having to clear my throat a few times. And even then the effort to say Good Morning came out feeble and rough. Argh!! Really dislike it when that happens! I've not fallen this sick for a few years now. Back then the GP would diagnose me as having "a virus" and that it would clear after a few days and that antibiotics would not help much. I think it used to be roughly every winter I used it get this virus, but the past three to four years I've been fine, praise God. =) This year, well, not this year then.

I had to make a call to Boon just after 9am to tell him the bad news, that I was unwell, could not sing but could play the guitar still. Boon told me to rest and that they'd sort something out. That was a tough call I made. I felt so bad for letting Boon down. Cos last night I was still hoping I'd be well enough today to attending worship practice and serve God. But sitting out this time would be the better thing to do as viral infections are infectious and I wouldn't want to pass it on to anybody else.

So... a day of being stuck at home. I got so bored I thought I'd keep a note of how I would spend a whole Saturday at home. Haha!

0840hrs - had one bowl of porridge oats with banana. This warmed my throat a bit for the phone call at...

0902hrs - called Boon to let him know the bad news.

0928hrs - logged on computer to do some admin for driving instruction, drank hot water, again to help warm my throat up.

1150hrs - after spending some time rolled up bed checking out Facebook and texting I decided it was time for lunch. Had tea with honey in place of sugar, spicy falafel wrap, veggie sushi and two fruit slices. Felt better after food. Felt warmer too. :)

1400hrs - Made big mug of honey lemon (mum came back from ASDA with two big lemons for me!!) and I was so bored of daytime Saturday tv that I decided to watch "Twilight" from Megavideo website. Throughout the film I had a few top ups of hot water into my huge Starbucks mug. I did dumbbell curls whilst watching the movie. Haha!

1740hrs - got really hungry and had dinner once Cat got home from work. Whoo-hoo! Had two bowls of rice and also had a mango to finish it off.

1930hrs - watched "X-Men 3: The Last Stand" on blu-ray. Wanted to watch this blu-ray version since May when I had some guys over to watch the first two instalments but we ran out of time for the third one. The film was good and once again I enjoyed it having watched it once at the cinema years ago.

Now it's almost 2200hrs. I have put on the "Laughing Gor" movie for mum to watch. I can see she is dozing off a little though. That can happen at times. Whenever I see her eyelids close I just give off a whistle and she stirs and watches a little more, before the eyelids droop again. This can go on for a wee while before either mum or I decide yes it's time to shut it off and go to bed. Lol! It's still early right now though and I have not thought of bed time yet. However, since I am sick I should try to get more sleep.

Tomorrow, I REALLY hope I can be well enough for church. Will need to settle the New Year Retreat stuff on it's closing date, as well as bring Secret Santa present in to EM, collect my Secret Santa present and then later attend Henry's birthday dinner. Really hope I can go. Will need to sleep soon after my shower.

Goodnight folks!


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