22 December 2009

Three days till Christmas!!

Meant to be in bed now, but I got sucked into checking my Facebook and responding to the comments and photo tags in the past half hour. Lol! Must pull myself away as I jot down what I have done today...which is hee-haw! Haha!

I had work between 08:45am and 12:30pm. The shift felt longer than usual. Maybe was because I was hungry by 10:45am and didn't bring anything to eat, nor did I want to spend £1.30 on a simple sandwich from the vending machine. Nah... not worth it. So I just kept drinking my Redbush plain tea, and actually I had a chicken soup from the vending machine. Just something else to tide me over. That was free. Hot drinks from that machine are always free :) Anyway, home time came and I drove home, carefully through the ice, snow and slush, and popped into the local Subway to get a Sub of the Day: Meatball Marina on Italian Herb and Cheese. Had it toasted with peppered cheese and some salad. Felt so nice to eat something warm as soon as I got in the house rather than the usual of having to prep lunch and heat up water etc once I got in. The sandwich lasted three minutes at most and after that I made myself another wee sandwich and two slices of fruit loaf for dessert, a mug of tea with honey in place of sugar. I sat down at the computer and lo and behold Ming was on Skype! We had our first pc-pc webchat!! It was soo cool! I was just thinking to myself yesterday how I might have wasted money buying a Logitech C250 webcam only to put it in the drawer as nobody is online for a webchat. But today I was so happy to use my webcam. Ming told me the picture and audio quality was very good too. Great! Good investment then :)

I had hoped to have got some reading done, perhaps Roadcraft: The Essential Police Driver's Handbook, but ended up webchatting for over an hour then stayed online for a bit after Ming left. The weather turned really cold and dark as the heavy snowfall gathered, but I wanted to go to the gym for Core Stability and Abs classes as well as my own workout. I left the house just before 5pm but traffic was choc-a-bloc in all directions due to adverse weather. Instead of going to the gym I took another turn and went over to Buchanan Bus Station to pick up my mum and sister who finished work, but might have been otherwise stranded along with the hundreds of commuters trying to get home through public transport. The journey towards the bus station felt like agess, but at least I was warm and I was more concerned for the two girls who were waiting for me, so I had to keep them updated with my whereabouts throughout. Going back home wasn't too bad and we managed to find a parking space right outside the house, so at least tomorrow when I use the car I won't have to ice skate very far to reach it. Haha!

Once I got home I decided to just stay in. No point in making the trek back out to the gym now, especially since I would have missed the class by the time I fight through all the traffic. So I had dinner at home - Sliced beef in Mandarin sauce with white rice. Yes, due "adverse conditions" so mum could rest once she got in from work and from the icy weather, we had Chinese takeaway! Hahaha! So my last Chinese takeaway of 2009 happened tonight! Memorable? Lol! I dunno... I really wanted to go to the gym tonight, but hey I think being the "hero" and "rescuing" my family was more important. Definitely. :)

I shall go tomorrow then! Yes, come rain or shine, hail or sleet, I will travel out to Greens Gym at Finnieston just before 5pm, actually maybe even earlier depending on weather conditions, might arrive at 6pm. I will do my own workout then go to Abs class at 7:45pm then Body Pump at 8:15pm. Booyakasha! Then, no gym till the 28th at the earliest!

The gym opens on Sunday 27th, but I will be going to watch "Sherlock Holmes" after church that Sunday. Aiming for 6pm showing that day :D

Goodnight y'all!


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