12 December 2010

It's a Sunday!!

Good morning all!  Literally just got up ten minutes ago and the first thing I wanted to do was sit at the computer and blog.  Haha!  Not that I have a lot to say, but at least a wee update on what's been happening.  Haha!  It became very cold again yesterday evening time as I headed home after worship practice and I knew something was not right.  Temperature did not match the forecast given by BBC Weather nor the Met Office, both reported dry and mild temperatures above zero.  However it is -4C outside now and there is frost on the rooftops of buildings as well as cars.  Oh my... I hope the "nice" weather (above zero temp) isn't going to leave again.  I hope it is not three days of +ve temp in exchange for another week of -ve temperature or snow!!  =(

Back to work

So after Thursday's thawing of snow and ice, the roads were in a much better state to teach in.  I managed to go out on Friday and teach two lessons.  1-3pm and then 8-9pm.  The first pupil was still a bit of a learner.  In fact, being a middle-aged Cantonese speaking wifey she is a bit of a slower learner, so having her on the roads was ok cos she was allowed to go slower as there were still some snow at the kerbsides etc.  Mainly stayed around an estate doing junctions to the left and right and also even managed a Turn In The Road manoeuvre which she managed quite well.  Traffic was increasing as people felt a bit braver to venture out onto the roads, well those who could get their cars out that is.  Some roads were still quite snowy and slippery, however, I thank God the roads we were on were at least 80-90% clear and I even let her drive home slowly and did a reverse bay park at her place =)  The evening lesson was 8-9pm after my pupil finished work.  I finish at 9pm you see and there are times when I used to let the lesson run over (at my expense) but on Thursday I couldn't let that happen, cos these days are cold, dark and wintery.  I long for my bed and don't wanna be out that long!  We did a recap of MSPSL, stayed on the main roads, did some roundabouts and taught him the Emergency Stop which was good because the weather conditions also got us talking about skidding etc.  At the end of the night I was pretty thankful God has given us nice enough weather to go out and for life to resume as normal, at least for the time being.  Though there's still some slush around and a hellofalot of grit spread everywhere, people are back on the move now.  Let's hope all transport systems and delivery systems are running well as well, so people can get their Christmas presents on time.

Slept quite late last night.  After 2am, because I was writing a birthday card and the Christmas card for Secret Santa.  I'm glad the two cards are now written, but it wasn't easy thinking of what to write.  I always seem to draft my message on a spare piece of paper, make edits and then write carefully onto the card, making sure I don't make mistakes.  Does anybody else do that?  Lol!  =P

Long day

So yesterday I taught another lesson in the morning 10-12pm then went home for lunch and to watch The Apprentice The Final Five and then spent the rest of the day at Church Centre.  I had a PEB meeting between 2:30pm-5:30pm then after a short dinner break (bought Char Siu and Chicken rice from Asia Style!) there was worship practice with Kerry and co between 6:30pm-9pm.  Was a pretty long worship practice because it was the first time some of us worked together we had to adapt to each other's styles as well as learning how to sing a particular song for the first time.  We will have practice again this morning at 11:30am, so I better get going after this.

For today I have worship practice 11:30am.  EM service 1:30pm.  Nick's Farewell Dinner at China Blue at 6pm and then hopefully I can resume my "bed by midnight" routine as I hope to get back into training after missing out on the gym for a week.  I went to the gym on Friday, did a run, deadlifts, worked on my shoulders then so couldn't be bothered and wandered down to the jacuzzi and sauna.  Was quite tired and couldn't really focus on the workout.  Hopefully that will go and I can refresh my head come Monday morning.  The only challenge is to get up on frosty mornings now!  Haha!

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