30 December 2010

Back in Glasgow

Arrived home at 6:25pm this evening and was happy to see mum and Cat.  Immediately I gave them the gifts I bought them and then I started unpacking my bags and made sure I got unpacking out of the way before I settled down for dinner and to tell them things I were up to in Dublin.  It was nice to come back to a not-so-cold Glasgow, in fact I'd say all the roads are back to normal now and the recent weather reports says there is no more snow forecasted in the near future.  Phew!  I was really happy to have spent quality time in Dublin.  Time away from this busy city.  Ok, from one busy city to another I guess, but being away in some place nobody knew me was nice.  Away from my everyday responsibilities etc.  I guess this was like a wee retreat for myself.  Hehe!

This trip has been amazing.  The time out was what I really needed and I come back feeling refreshed and recharged with God.  I have really enjoyed my time in Dublin, although I often wished I had a toothpick with me.  Haha!  The past few days I spent by myself, just me and God in an environment that is new and that is foreign.  A place were nobody knew me.  A place were I could walk whatever speed I want, didn't have to drive (wah-hey!), check out tourist sites, drink Guinness, drink Baileys on ice, walk about the hotel room nakes if I wished.  One word: freedom.  This freedom does not last long because I knew once I got home I return to responsbility, a business, family, church and matters of the heart.

Trip has been refreshing for me because the said freedom has given me time to think about things properly, to consult in God about matters weighing in my heart and to fully submit to Him.  I acknowledge and confess that I have been very wrong in the handling of certain areas of my life, especially matters of the heart.  I know what the main cause is and I know I have to seriously take action in order to change.  Tuesday night was the second night in which I chatted to God very openly about these issues.  It was also when I felt the need to really study the verse "Seek first the Kingdom of God" and see how it applies to me.  The notes I made goes on for ages and I will share that in another blog post, cos I don't want to bore anybody here.  I will post it up later though =)


Well guys, I want to tell you I felt very blessed by God during my time at Dublin.  For starters when I arrived at the airport I was faced with a choice of taking Air Coach (blue) or Air Link (green) to the city centre.  It seemed these two companies were the main two competing.  I chose the Air Link bus because it also provided an Airport Return ticket and a 2-day Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour package for total of €22.  When the bus arrived at it's O'Connell Street stop, I asked the bus driver if he knew where on O'Connell Street the Gresham Hotel was and he told me it was just a few metres away from the bus stop.  Wow!  How convenient!  I didn't even have to walk far with my luggage!  =)  Blessed!

Some might think I booked the hotel myself and so shouldn't be surprised at where it was located.  But in fact, I did not choose this hotel.  Originally I had booked the Croke Park Hotel next to Croke Park Stadium.  But in mid-November Alpharooms informed me the hotel had closed down and they had to relocate me to another hotel.  They chose Gresham Hotel which was the same star rating and same room type.  I was ok with it as I didn't have time to look up different places again.  Croke Park Hotel would have been a few miles away from O'Connell Street the heart of the city centre and I might have had to take another bus to the hotel.  So I thank God that my accommodation was relocated to this particular hotel.  How very convenient.  Blessed!

Tuesday morning I walked out of the hotel with a wee map and was looking for a Parnell Street where I should expect to see the start of the Dublin Tours green bus route.  However when I walked to the end of the street on the right and looked right onto Cathal Brugha Street and there sat a green tour bus stationary.  When I consulted the wee tour bus map it turned out that the Cathal Brugha Street stop was the first stop of the tour!!  How cool was that!!  I got to begin the 23 stop tour from just around the corner of my hotel.  AND I got to choose my best seat before any other people came onboard.  Hehe!  Blessed!

These are just a few of the things that made me feel blessed whilst being on holiday. There were other things like getting charged a concession rate when I went to Christ Church Cathedral, when people agreed to take pictures of me with my camera, feeling safe walking about even at night time without any bother from the locals or others.  The peace of God was with me, giving me the confidence, even when a man and a woman stopped me on the street asking for money and I told them I was a tourist with "only €10 on me" and that was for dinner.  We had a nice chat on the street and we shook hands, hugged and wished each other well for the new year.  I would never have done that in Glasgow, or at least felt comfortable doing that in Glasgow, but I felt peaceful about it last night.  God bless Michael (who was also blind) and Rosie.  =)

I shall share more later when I have the time.  Right now I'm quite tired and looking forward to sleeping on my memory foam bed and memory foam pillow =)  Scheduled in the gym tomorrow at 1pm.  Must go even earlier in order to get more cardio work done.  Have eaten sooooo much (unhealthy!) food in the past few days!!  =P

Special thanks!

Before I forget I want to give special thanks to a few more people.  Cat my sister took me to the airport on Monday morning.  It was cold, it was wet, but my wee sis drove me in her wee Micra before going to the gym.  She was shocked to hear that the taxi would have cost £24.  As was Bryan my driving instructor friend.  He was also disgusted at the cost of the taxi fare and said he'd take me and pick me up.  Vince also kindly offered to take me and pick me up.  In fact, he texted me on Monday morning and also this afternoon to ask when I was landing. God has blessed me with great friends and family who are kind to me.  They show love and kindness amidst their busy schedule.  I opted to take the 500 bus to George Square then then local 41 bus back home.  Although I declined their offers (I'm never one to bother people if I can help it), their kindness will not be forgotten and I am gratefully touched.  Cheers again guys!  =)

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