27 April 2011

Total fail

We all have our good days and our bad days.  Our ups and our downs.  Guess today was my "down" day.  Not all was bad, work was quite good today, praise God.  Both lessons went really well.  It was what happened between those two lessons that I am very disappointed in.  Felt very let down by my phone today, how the battery died on me moments before a scheduled meet up time.  I waited at the scheduled place but there was no show.  There were no signs.  I prayed that God's will be done cos without a phone meant no call, texts or internet, there was no communication and all that was left was prayer and trust in God.  God gave me the patience to wait.  I waited eagerly.  Tried to start up the phone again, but the said smartphone boot up takes longer than sixty seconds, therefore eating up more of the reserved battery.  Disappointing indeed.  Half an hour later bumped into someone whom suggested the appointment may have been forgotten.  Reluctantly I went back home to charge up the phone and powered up to check if everything was ok.  Everything was fine.  Apparently a text message was sent to me very near the time of meeting, but I still received nothing, even though battery was getting charged up.  So, no reply from me (because of no batt!) resulted in no meeting up.  What an epic fail!  Sigh...!  Everything else didn't matter.  My sallow face reflected my mood.  Total disappointment.

Nobody has any idea what this meant to me.  Ok, maybe God does.  Maybe it's His way of saying, "Son, give it up.  Submit to me!"  Arghh!!!

In my peed off mood, I shall no longer tolerate my phone having no battery, so tonight I went ahead with buying an in-car charger for my HTC Magic.  Very cheap, only £1.87 total price inclusive of delivery.  I can't believe this whole thing was messed up due to a dead battery.  I maybe should not have unplugged the charger at 97% this morning.  That 3% more power could have made all the difference to my day.... or could it have...?

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