08 April 2011

If it is to last...

If it is to last, I must submit it to the Lord.

If it is to last, I must stay level-headed.

If it is to last, I must do things differently.

If it is to last, I must pray more.

I must seek first His kingdom and maybe this will be added unto to me.

If not, I should not mind, because I should look to please God above all else.  It should always be His will over mine.

I want this, but I want to please God more.  He knows what's best for me, even better than I know myself.  Keeping close to God really keeps me going, in all aspects of my daily life.  On my most taxing times I look up to the heavens and draw strength from Him.  He's truly amazing and awesome and my sole Provider.

I am confident He is my Provider, my Consultant, my Compass.

I am excited yet calm, surprised yet still, eager yet patient :)

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