20 February 2011

Relaxed weekend

It's 10:19pm right now and I'm going to bed after this.

Had quite an eventful weekend.  Was quite relaxing and because I done all my admin and boring stuff on Friday evening I was free to enjoy my weekend after I finished work at 2pm on Saturday (yee-haa!).  Praise God for things like retail therapy, massage therapy, movies, Google Talk and Whatsapp.

Clean or unclean

Today was a nice day.  Weather wasn't too cold.  Most importantly was not raining, so I managed to dust and hoover the car, do the safety checks for the car and spent time with God before having lunch with mum (pork chops, rice and veg).  Church was good today.  PA seemed to have been sorted out quicker than last week and Kenneth lead us in worship.  Holy Communion, felt like we didn't have that for a few months.  I think two month?  Don't quite remember, but it was a nice reminder of the sacrifice Christ made for us so that we can live freely today.  Hallelujah!  Sermon was taken from Mark 7:1-23 which was Jesus' teaching about 'clean and unclean'.  How back in the Biblical days some religious leaders, teachers and pharisees thought they honoured God by living to a set of rules and laws.  Things like washing their hands three times before eating anything, washing cutlery and equipment before using them.  If they were washed any less than three times they'd make the food 'unclean' which once consumed will make the person 'unclean' in their hearts and in their ways.  But Jesus rebuked this idea, saying that it was much more important to live a life pleasing to God overall, than to simply follow these "rituals" on the outside.  Basically we can all attend church, Bible studies, worship together, pray and do anything we want and we can look like Christians on the outside.  However, what is the state of our heart with God?  What is our relationship like with God inside?  Are we close to Him?  Are we seeking for Him?  Yearning for Him?  If not, then we do all these external things in vain.  It was a nice message.  Simple yet effective.  For myself it reminded me of myself in way.  How at the end of last year I decided to take this "one year sabbatical" away from all things relationships-related.  No chasing of girls.  No entertaining any thoughts or temptations that might give the wrong message etc.  No more thinking about finding a partner until at least one year.  Just so I can get my head straight about things and refocus on God.  But is that the right way to do it?  I know I want to submit my whole life to God again and seek Him first but for this relationship side of things, does it really take one year?  Am I just setting myself a "rule" and thinking it will help me get closer to God?  Or be less distracted?  Today's message has helped remind me that as long as I live my life seeking God first and live a life maintaining a good close relationship with God then no timescales or set rules matter.  If I put Him first and please Him first, all things will fall into place.  =)  I think I'll scrap this silly "rule".  Lol!!

The week ahead

I have a pretty busy week ahead.  Each day averaging four driving lessons.  Wednesday I will have five driving lessons!  Finish 9pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Tuesday I will finish earlier at 7:30pm and will practice some guitar.  Thursday finish 7pm and will have worship practice at 7:30pm at the Church Centre.  Looking forward to that.  :)  Saturday I am scheduled to finish 6pm and will hope to watch "Black Swan" in the evening.  Have heard so much good stuff about it but have yet to find the chance to watch it.  Let's see what God provides in terms of the times etc.  Because of a week packed with lessons I can only to go the gym in the mornings and so I will aim to go at 6:30am each morning, right on at opening time.  Hopefully be there for 6:30am and be back home for 8:30am, which will leave me around an hour to have breakfast, make lunch (usually sandwiches and fruit) and spend some time with God before officially starting my day.  All going well, this week will fly by very quickly and before I know it, it will be Sunday again and I will be enjoying the Lord's presence in church again.  Ooh yeah!  =)

Night night all!  It is now 11:05pm and I have to get up at 6am!!  =)


  1. I think we had communion on the Second Sunday of January - David Millar? That's what my memory says.

  2. Oh... u might be right. Seemed to far away then. Whoops! I remember he wished us Happy New Year twice for Western and Chinese New Year. Haha!

  3. Yes, because it was my second week of going to vineyard in 2011. :)