03 January 2010


This is what I had for dinner today after church and after a shopping trip to Tesco with mummy =9  Was so yummy!  The lobster was from Lidl.  It defrosted throughout the day yesterday so by this evening it was totally ready to be demolished (is that the right word?) by me!  Rrrrooar!!  And there was also the Tesco southern fried chicken pasta (more carbs than protein) and a Tesco chicken, bacon, lettuce sandwich (mix of carbs, fat and protein).  Felt so full after eating all that, PLUS as a bonus I had a crumpet with raisins.  Nice and soft, also from Tesco.  Must have been baked today =)

I went to the gym this morning, between 0915hrs-1100hrs.  Worked hard on my shoulders and core!  Went to church in the afternoon.  Got in late though, first time in like aaaaaages since I arrived at church late.  Reason being I was busy with making phone calls to places to arrange for the windscreen of my tuition to get repaired as it suffered stone chipping damage whilst on the motorway this morning.  I was driving 50mph (within speed limit at that part of the M8) when suddenly a black stone the size of my thumbnail flew across from the left somewhere and HIT my windscreen.  The impact left a small tiny dent in the windscreen, positioned just above the top of my steering wheel level, and below my line of vision.  It is not dangerous now, but if I don't get it repaired now it might get worse as time goes on, through vibrations of the car, through ice, further impact etc etc.  So yeah... you can imagine I was a bit distracted during service at EM today.

Anyway, have made arrangements with Autoglass tomorrow 1400hrs to get it repaired as it won't need replaced.  Hope it doesn't take more than an hour as I have had to reschedule a driving lesson already for it.  Fortunately the work will be carried out under account as it is covered by my AA franchise fee and insurance.  I won't have to pay anything for it.  Hope I can get back on the road soon =)

Oh, I have not done my devotions yet.  =(


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