04 January 2010


Went to Autoglass in the early afternoon in hope of getting the stone chip repaired, but when the technician came out to examine the "damage" he found it hard to find the dot.  Then upon close inspection he told me there wasn't any need to do anything to the mark.  A mark was what it was, just a scratch on the windscreen with no impact point and the mark has not gone through the top layer of the windscreen.  I was assured there was no danger of the mark getting any worse and it would not be dangerous to drive with it.  Ok, cool.  Glad that is sorted now =)

Though the streets were still very icy, and I slipped and fell when I left work this afternoon (ouch!), the roads were clear and safe enough to drive on.  There was no need to put into practice the discussion of skidding of the car.  =)  After the lesson I went to the gym and worked on the chest and back muscles, and a bit of core towards the end too.  I heard from Vince yesterday that someone is thinking of joining a new gym after his exams in Feb (you know who you are!) and I think it would be a good idea if you came and joined Greens.  It is a really nice gym and is definitely a big step up from the Glasgow Uni gym mate =D


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