02 January 2010

My "Daily Three"

 Here's the devotional book that Cat bought me for my Christmas / New Year.  It is called "The Excellent Way" and contains 365 readings from R.T. Kendall's works which are used as daily devotionals for a whole year.  As I look into the new year, I aim to success in three "New Year Resolutions"

1) To do better in my career
2) To improve my body
3) To improve my walk with God

You have all heard of your "daily five" in terms of having five portions of fruit etc.  However, this my "daily three" that I will "do".  So each day I hope to "do" something driving-related:  may it be give a lesson, read an article, study a journal, access some online materials etc.  I will also hope to "do" something to good towards my fitness goals: gym visit, pressups at home, core exercises etc.  And of course, I will want to spend some time with God on a daily basis too.  Saying grace before my meals do not count towards that - that's just an easy cop-out excuse.  Much rather, it would be quality time spent reading the Bible and praying which really gets us closer to God.  I must admit it is this last point which is the most difficult.  I have no idea why.  Maybe because I would have to make more effort and the time to spend with God and stick with it.  Though it is hard, I will try =)

I hope I can assess my progress through the year and manage to fulfil these "targets" or resolutions of mine =)


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