16 January 2010

Ode to my (former) car

From the day I took you home,
Not even one year old.
I was proud to take you around,
I am sad that you are now sold.

You have seen my laughters,
You have seen my tears.
You've taken me to church camps,
shopping trips and even IKEA.

Skye was the further place we've been,
Six hours was long enough.
Never once suffered a breakdown,
For this I thank Him above.

My sidekick when serving in church,
The bearer of all the weight.
Never had it let me down,
Sometimes more reliable than a mate.

So here we have it,
It is time to say goodbye.
I will remember all the good times,
And I promise not to cry.

I hope they keep you nice and clean,
With polish and wax applied.
Don't forget to toot the horn
Whenever you pass me by.


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