26 January 2010

I'm back!

Haven't put thoughts to keyboard for a couple of week.  Since I sold my car really.  Hmm... something has gone wrong with my hit counter. The last time I saw it was 6504, but this evening it has reset to 0007!  Huh?  Ack, who cares!  It's just a counter.  Not all that important when I come to think of it.  Just a way to track how many times people have visited my page.  So in a way, the rise in numbers would indicate how popular my page is.  However, I think I'll just take a look and no record anymore.  Just a weblog at the end of the day.

Anyway, I should go to bed real soon.  Aiming for another six am start tomorrow to head to the gym before work.  I went to Body Pump this morning for the 7am class.  The three-quarter hour class went by quite quickly, though I found myself struggling through the second set of legs workout when there was a combo of squats and lunges.  Must decrease my weight next time.  Also for the shoulders, will take it down to 5kgs each side rather than 7.5kgs.  Morning gym sessions are good as they leave you refreshed before you start work.  There were about fifteen people at Body Pump this morning and more people using the general gym.  Lots of fitness freaks getting their hit to kick start their day :)  I wanna go for my own biceps and triceps workout tomorrow.  :)

Worked three hours overtime at the office today.  It got really busy and hectic with three absences in my team, one of which was my manager.  So therefore I had to do a lot more work than usual and had to train two of the five Polish girls as well in a monthly payroll process.  By 3:15pm I was feeling very very ratty and hungry, but had to keep all the emotions inside as the outside I remember I am an advert of Jesus Christ.  I have to smile, I have to show peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, self-control etc.  Once I got in the house I had to stuff my face asap and satisfy that big void in my stomach that increased in size with every minute passed my usual 1pm feeding time!!  =O

I ate quite unhealthily at the EM Retreat last weekend.  Started the weekend off with Burger King BEFORE I reached the campsite.  Then had bread and butter pudding once I got there.  I don't think I will have any more fast foods for a long while.  Initially I had planned to have my last fast food meal at Burger King in the end of December, then had KFC.  This year I have had a McDonald's visit as well as a Burger King visit.  ALSO Pizza Hut delivery at Jackie's bday party. Ooooh!  Although I want to bulk up, I don't think I should be doing it with junk. More like eat more carbs and protein.  Load up in that rather than fats from junk food!  Excess carbs can store up and be broken down using exercise.  Excess fat takes much longer to burn off.

Ok, better sleep now.

Oh yeah, I am planning to hand in my notice to my HR job next Monday, 1st Feb, then use the four weeks to properly take on as many pupils as I can and fill up my diary and then I will completely focus on driving tuition rather than have my mind and attention split between the both.  :)

p.s. I miss you

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