01 January 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year everyone!!  Wishing all my readers a very happy new year and I truly hope that 2010 is a year of amazing blessings for each and every one of you.  I received a text message from a colleague which read: "Happy new year!  May the best you've seen in 2009 be the worse you see in 2010" and I thought that was really nice.  It took me two reads before I understood what it meant, but yeah, can you imagine that?  The best thing that happened to you in 2009 is the "worse" thing in 2010 meaning what you graded as 10/10 in 2009 will be graded 1/10 in 2010.  That would mean, for example, passing my instructor exam (the highlight of my year!) would be graded 1/10 as there is something else greater and better yet to come!!  Whoo-hoo!!!  =D  So that is what I wish for all you guys out here!  All the very best in your endeavours.  May it be studies, careers, health and fitness or relationships, or all of the above!  =D  God is great and by His grace we have seen through another year.  And my gosh, what a quick year 2009 now was eh?  Does anybody else think so?

The above picture was taken in Kilmarnock, at James' parents' house where I was invited over for New Year's dinner and for Jessica's 21st birthday.  Both mum and Cat could not join us this year, so I attended myself from Glasgow, representing the So family!  Hahaha!  Had a good laugh through the night.  Dinner table conversations included how Lin looks a bit like Cat, how to find the right life partner and witnessing fights on a train journey.  Lol!  Had fun on Singstar as well as playing Big 2 with some new faces.  Overall another good new year dinner - Thanks to the Chung family!!  =D


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