06 November 2009

On new terms

I signed new Terms and Conditions for my current job this morning which will halve my hours and salary when I go part-time. Starting Monday 23rd November I will be working weekdays 8:45am and finishing 12:30pm, which leaves me the rest of the day to give tuition. I am look forward to this change as going part time means I will have time to build up my driving tuition business as well as still have some steady income coming in for dig money and other bills and direct debits etc. When I was signing the agreement HR asked me how I will be looking to balance my workload. I told her I will give tuition in the afternoons and Saturdays. Hope to take Sundays off as a day of rest. Once tuition gets busy and I feel I need the free up the mornings to teach too, especially for pupil tests etc, then I will arrange to finish off here completely and go into full time tuition. I thank God for giving me this opportunity to do these two jobs during this transitional period. =) Now just have to wait till 17th November to travel down to Leicester for my tuition car!

I look forward to this coming weekend. Gonna be busy as I hope to pick up my car from the Car Care Centre. Hopefully it will be all ready for pick up when I call later this afternoon. They've been working on the bodywork since Monday. Fair do's, I did tell them they can take their time so as to do a better job. So yeah, hope to take some nice pictures of the precious before I sell it on =) Will then have early worship practice with Boon at the Church Centre. Then take mum for weekly shopping. That should take about 2hours or more as I intend to have lunch with mum as well and we'll go to Costco and Tesco for our groceries. Might go back to the gym to attempt the '300 workout' again. Well, half of it anyway, '150 workout'. After my first attempt this Wednesday my abs still hurt when I sneeze! Lol!

Ok, must dash! Ciao!


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