23 November 2009

I'm a slob!

Due to recent busy-ness in preparing to start up my driving tuition businss, to going down to Leicester for the AA induction to actually starting my business, I realised I have not been to the gym in almost THREE WEEKS!! Oh my goodness! How horrible! I think my weight has gone up for sure, and it's not the "good weight" from muscle and mass. It's from FLAB which is nasty. I feel sluggish and not as nimble as I usually do, but that's because I devote my time to my business now, reading stuff, thinking about marketing and advertising, lesson planing etc. Don't get me wrong, I have no regrets about any of this. I really enjoy it and I am so glad I'm finally starting up. However, at the same time, my other passion in life - fitness - has started to suffer.

Obviously, missing the gym alone is not enough to just cause weight gain if my food intake rate is equal to my metabolic rate. However, my food in take is similar to when I was still in training, and that could only spell disaster. I get called a pie for eating so much, and not exercising enough. I just remind myself that I have gotta hit the gym and burn it back off and not only that, but to bulk up even more. When I was told I looked fatter, that really hit the nail on the coffin! Can't take it anymore. I really just get a move on! There are two passions in my life. My career (which is starting to take off, thank God!) and my health/ fitness. Being told that I'm fat is like being told that I'm a bad instructor, and that hurts. If I'm told I'm not a good instructor I will then seek ways to improve myself, analyse my teaching techniques and look to deliver lessons of a better standard. Being told I look fat, well that will mean I am definitely doing something wrong and I will have to bring back the eating discipline and definitely will make time to go to the gym. Ideally I'd like to go to the gym as and when I like, even during day time. However, for Glasgow Uni gym there is no free parking during day time!! The car park does not open for public use until 5:15pm or 5:30pm. Sometimes the barrier arm does not even lift at all! So parking is gonna be an issue if I want to go during the day.

Yes, this is my rant over. Back to work... for another half an hour!



  1. there are so many free spaces around the west end! =O you should park at the resident spaces near byres road (unmarked roads and no permits required) then walk up the big mama hill to the gym - that can be your warm up! =P Or if you're lucky, you can try find a space at the Qm but its really rare in the morning/afternoon =(

    my family tell me im fat all the time and yeh it hurts but I think just as long as your health is in good condition and your eating habits are good then i think that's enough =D (hence I dont really exercise... just my 5 a day =P) but glad you feel motivated to do exercise! (even in this weather!)

  2. @ Viv: Haha! Aye, it's those free spaces that are sooo far away from the gym. Makes it hard to walk there especially in last week's shockingly wet weather! Lol! QM spaces... yes, can only get them like 7am, cos it fills up like very very quickly!

    And you're def not fat! Far from it!!