13 November 2009

Last weekend of freedom!

Yes, this is my last weekend to enjoy myself, relax before I go down to Leicester for my AA induction and come back with my new tuition car. So what will I be doing this weekend?

Tonight after work I will go for a few farewell drinks with my boss who is leaving for Australia. Then I'll be going to watch the latest disaster movie "2012" at 8pm. Man, I can't believe this will be my first visit to Cineworld since 21st October when I went to see "Couples Retreat". Almost four weeks ago man! That's disgraceful! I usually average once a week. In October I saw six movies. In August, ten movies. So I'm definitely NOT getting my money's worth this month. Reason for this? I've spent so much time on preparing for driving tuition: reading books, publications, talking to instructors. As well as attending church meetings etc. I have no more social life. No more time of leisure and it's sooo sad! Really! This morning I woke up and I asked myself WHY I have to be so busy? WHY have I not been to the gym? WHY can I not get to lie in in the mornings? WHY do I have to get up early again tomorrow? WHY WHY WHY? Yeah, you can tell I was a bit peeved off this morning. Things have settled down a bit, for now.

But seriously. This ain't easy man. I have so many things to read: finish off Instructional "Techniques and Practices" as well as reading new magazines that the Driving Instructor Association has sent me as part of their welcome pack for joining. Need to check driving instructor websites to keep myself updated with changes to the instructor world. Need to familiarise myself with test routes and areas of teaching, especially in Springburn area and the south side. I am familiar with east end with, Baillieston test area and I know enough of the west end, Anniesland test area to get me started teaching there. But south side I have no idea where to go and what to do where, and that's gonna be embarrassing! I only have one south side pupil for now, which is good. So will have to discuss with them what to do. Let's learn together! Lol! Joking aside, Saturday morning I will have to wake up early and go driving around two test centres and follow my printed out test routes from the DSA website, in hope of remembering where I should go to teach pupils in Anniesland and in Springburn. I'll start with Springburn as that is nearer my house. And nearer Costco. So after spending the morning in that area, I will pop into Costco for lunch then drive to Anniesland for an afternoon session, BEFORE going to Edinburgh church Coffee Night for 6pm. So you can imagine, by the end of the night I'm gonna be knackered. I don't hope to get back from Edinburgh that late. Event should finish 9:30pm and then there's the 45mins drive. No - I don't speed anymore. Need to watch what I'm doing as my career would be on the line!

Sunday... Sunday morning I think I will sleep in a little bit. Till 9am or something? That's considered late for me! How pitiful eh? Will probably get some reading done and might get to do some exercises at home. Won't go to the gym as I'll need more time for that and I am helping out with transport of PA equipment this Sunday as well, so will have to be at church for 12:45pm. I will be assisting Sunday School class during service. After service there will be a PA and Worship Team technical training session which I arranged, between 3:30pm-4:00pm. Then I will have Specsavers opticians appointment at 4:20pm!! Only around 5pm will I be free!!! But again, I don't know what I will do with that free time? Meet up with people from church and hang out for a bit? Do some more reading in my favourite Starbucks Borders till closing time of 7:30pm? Go home and make Japanese jelly for mum? Catch up on Flashforward online before the next episode comes out? The gym will close at 5:30pm. Argh!!

Then there's Monday, my second-last full day at work. I will finish at 5pm and then will be free. Then again, the above questions will come out? How do I spend my last free time?! More reading? Go to the gym? Go home to chill? (waste of time in my opinion) Or go to Tesco to buy food for Tuesday's trip to Leicester? I'll be taking the 1000hrs train from Glasgow Central on Tuesday, so I will need to pack on Monday night as well. I will bring my laptop down with me, not really for work, but so I can upload any pictures that I take and also update my blogs with what's happening. The AA have given me two night's stay in Hothorpe Hall as opposed to the standard one night stay, due to the fact that the course starts 10:30am on Wednesday morning and I would not make it down from Glasgow in time on Wednesday. However, for Tuesday night, only the room is provided. I'll have to provide my own dinner! Ooh! Maybe I will learn hunting and gathering skills and capture my own dinner! Or maybe roadkill! Maybe English rabbit will taste different from the Scottish lemon-baked rabbit I once had in Skye! ;-)

Anyway, yes... this weekend is gonna be busy busy and as long as it does not rain, it should be ok. If rain comes along, then my my, it's gonna be sooo bad!!

Here's the link to the conference hall where I will stay and attend the AA induction:



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