17 November 2009

Close call!

Sitting on the Virgin train backward facing, going down to Birmingham before I change trains for Leicester. Train departed Central Station at 10am sharp, and guess what time I woke up? 8:23am!! =O I remember hearing mum close the main door as she left for work, probably just after 6:25am for her 7am shift. So I thought to myself that I’d have a while yet until my 7am alarm. But my alarm had never ever went off! And on each occasion turn on the bed I would expect the alarm to go off ‘any moment now’. Then finally I decided to get up out of bed and check my phone and guess what? It said 8:23am!! Alarm didn’t even go off! What’s wrong with it?

Man, was such a panic! I had a moment of just standing on the spot for five seconds where all my perception, thoughts and senses came flooding back to me and I realised what I had to do and what time I left. My train departs Glasgow at 10am, fact! I want to leave the house 9am, fact! I had between 8:24am – 9am to get things done: Pack, check my tickets, make lunch, shower, shave and have breakfast!! My goodness, what a rush it was! In the end I chucked everything I needed into my sports holdall (I think I’ve got everything!). Had a five mins shower. I did not shave. I didn’t not make my sandwiches for lunch, but just brought the sub rolls which Cat got me yesterday. Guess I’ll eat them dry after I finish typing this up. I bought other stuff as well including snack a jacks, crackers, Nobby’s nuts and some fruit pieces and of course water!! All that is for my train journey. I plan to buy food once I arrive at Market Harborough : ) Anyway, once I packed all my stuff, including flip flops for the hotel room, I dressed in shirt and trousers, put my shoes on and still had ten minutes before I left, so had a banana, said ‘Good Morning’ to Cat, prayed to God, then had to scoot out to the bus stop across the road from my house. Had my laptop with me too.

Was hungry was breakfast. Bus got to city centre so early due to post-rush hour traffic, so I had lots of time to spare. Went into HMV to look at stuff and ended up leaving with the Black Eyed Peas albums. Didn’t have to pay for them as I used a gift voucher towards it and still have £4.01 left on it apparently. : ) Then I popped into McDonald’s for a Sausage and Egg McMuffin and a tea. The tea was free with a hot drinks voucher ;-) Quickly munched on the McMuffin then headed across to Central Station to get my train. The rest just went fine as I got on the train, and the usual stuff. But what a rush it was this morning!!

You know how it’s one of those moments where I thought what if I missed the train? What if I had to take a taxi? What if I missed the course? What if I didn’t shower or shaved and rushed down to Leicester just as I was? What if? What it? It’s not a nice feeling, but I truly thank God for giving me a calm heart, clear mind to think of what I needed to pack. And I thank God for making me a guy so I wouldn’t have to pack so much stuff, like hair dryer, shampoo conditioner and lots of clothes. I just wore a shirt, brought a spare shirt, socks, boxers, pyjamas, toiletries and that’s me out! Oh, and of course food! Who can live without food?!


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