16 November 2009

If you're not fast, you're last

This time tomorrow I will be on the train down to Leicester. About two hours into my journey to be precise. I wonder if I'll be hungry around that time as I would normally have a mid-morning teabreak. Just like this morning I had tea with a coconut ring cake thing and a banana. Today is my second-last full day shift in this office. I will be on leave tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday. When I come back to work on Friday, it will be my last day of full-time work, after which I will start part-time. I'm getting excited about it now!! In fact, I was quite stressed about things last Friday when I felt I did not have enough time to prepare for teaching, and did not have enough time to read everything I wanted to read before getting my car etc etc. However, thank God the weekend was more relaxing than I expected.

Spent Saturday driving around extended test routes in Springburn as well Anniesland. Later I drove up to Edinburgh with James and Roxane to attend the Coffee Night in the Chinese church. Night was pretty nice and relaxing. Met some new faces as well as caught up with old friends. Got home around 11pm, but was so hungry! Haha!

Had a fairly busy day yesterday. Exercised in the morning before having lunch, then at church I helped with transporting PA equipment, and with Sunday School and later with PA training as we got a new piece of equipment for the English Ministry. After my Specsavers appointment I decided to be spontaneous and accepted Vong's place to hang for a bit. Saw Oswald there too and we chatted for a bit. But Oswald left to go home for dinner not long after. I tried a few events on the Wii Resorts game on the Wii. My favourite is the slicing game! Such fun! And apparently I'm quite good at it for my first time =D Went home for dinner shortly after.

The title of this blogpost: "If you're not fast, you're last", refers to when I found out yesterday that a potential pupil is no longer a potential, but has chosen to start driving tuition with another instructor. This person had been very eager to learn to drive for a while now and was always asking me when I'd be getting my tuition car to start teaching etc. Maybe I was taking too long to get started. Maybe was too eager and wanted to start developing his driving skills. Maybe he was offered a better lesson price. Whatever the reason, it was still a little sad to hear the news and it brought me to new reality. That this is a competitive world. Nothing is for certain in life. If you want something, you have to work for it. If you want something, you have to fight for it. In this occasion, I could not have done anything any different because of the timescales I was offered due to going part-time at this job etc and getting my badge and did I mention the Royal Mail postal strikes that delayed applications etc??! Sigh... I was frustrated at the time it has taken for me to get started, but now there are just a few days to go before I get my tuition car and I will be working to attract as many pupils as possible to get my business going. =)


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