16 June 2009

"Star Trek"

I'm am on annual leave from work today, tomorrow and Thursday. Thought I'd take some time off to coincide with mum's few days off as well so we can spend some time together and also help her with job-hunting.

So this morning I woke up at the slightly later than workday time of 7:30am, but felt too tired to get up, so slept in for fifteen mins. Had breakfast and packed for the gym. I didn't get into the gym till just after 9am because all the free parking spaces close to the gym were taken so I ended up parking at Athole Gardens and walking over the mighty incline of Great George Street.

Treadmill 20mins
Rowing machine 10mins
Abs x240 reps between 7 different exercises
Standard pull ups x8
Behind the neck pull ups x5
Incline dumbbell press 25kg 3x8
Decline dumbbell press 20kg 2x8
Reverse barbell curls 5kg x10

Bit rushed for time so I just left it at that.

Showered and went home for quick lunch before going out to meet Ann. We practiced Pedestrian Crossing with Use of Signals. I was more confident with it today and managed to control the lesson quite well as well as managing to identify the faults she intentionally made. After the practice I went to my local library to prepare for my next practice session, but unfortunately the study room was closed for a meeting, so I just drove home to do some work, but ended up eating fruits, drinking tea and eating Malay cake. Then mum came home with more cakes and I ended up eating half of a taro bun which mum bought from the Chinese bakery near Matthew's Cash & Carry. At 4:30pm I knew I could not finish my preparation so I got ready for going out to watch "Star Trek" at Cineworld.

"Star Trek", first released in UK on 8th May but I had not watched it as I was never a "Star Trek" fan on the tv. However, today I had a choice of this or "Angels & Demons", "The Hangover" and "Finding Eric" and decided to give "Star Trek" a chance since it was a Recommended film in Cineworld. The film was good, but I don't think as great as some reviews have. I think it would mean a lot more to the 'Trekkies' who have been fans since the television days, as it plays as a prequel to the very start introducing the characters like Captain Kirk, Spock and Montgomery Scott, whom I finally understand who the phrase "Beam me up, Scotty!" is directed to. The film is a sci-fi, but does not 'hit the spot' for me as the "Star Wars" films do. Maybe because it has less battle scenes and more dialogue. It is not short of special effects or course, and is one film I will expect to look and sound amazing on blu-ray. But...nah... I'd rather watch a Star Wars film again any day :)

I came home after the film to have dinner with mum and then after I washed up, went online to blog. I am going to re-read the "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" book after I publish this, because the film is coming out in UK on 15th July and I wanna refresh myself of the storyline before I catch this long-awaited instalment into the wonderful collection :D

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