24 June 2009

Losing it!

I'm losing it! My weight of course! Not my mind! Contrary to my desire of putting on some weight to achieve my 200lbs, I have actually become lighter in the past three days.

In fact, it was last Saturday when I posted about Transformation and how I want to start a new regime again. Since then I avoided any snacks (popcorn at the cinema, lemon cake at home, pub food etc) and just ate my three meals a day. I had a cereal bar at tea break at work, and left out the one-spoon sugar in my tea too. From Monday I got up at 7am, had my morning pee, then weighed myself. Recorded the weight in Pounds and Kilograms, then did some push up and Planks after I made my lunch. My electronic scales can give readings in Pounds, Kilograms and Stone-Pounds. I noticed the readings were not converted accurately 2.2lbs per kilo, so I took two readings each time. Here's what it looks like up to this morning:

Monday 22nd June: Weight: 198.6lbs (90.27kg)
Press Ups: 26 normal push ups, 10 close-grip push ups
Plank: 60 secs

Tuesday 23rd June: Weight: 198.2lbs (89.71kg)
Press Ups: 28 normal push ups, 12 diamond push ups
Plank: 60 secs

Wednesday 24th June: Weight: 196.0lbs (89.1)
Press Ups: 24 normal push ups, 12 diamond grips
Side Planks: 30 secs each

So despite going to the gym yesterday, running 30mins, doing about 30mins of abs and then over an hour of arms and shoulders, I have actually lost weight. Having a think about this it actually makes sense. I am "losing weight" every day, but only "putting on weight" two or three days a week. Of course, the shedding of weight is going to win. However, as long as I do not lose muscle it will be ok. Given the choice I'd really go back to visiting the gym thrice a week. But due to investing more time into my AA training, I can afford two days a week at best.

I don't actually mind losing some weight if it is mainly body fat. And I will be able to gauge the amount body fat that I lose by looking at my abdominal area. The more those precious muscles appear the less fat I have. I have changed my abdominal workouts to include more exercises for the obliques like the Plank, Side planks, and L/R crunches with bicycle of legs etc. If the bodyfat goes around there, then I know overall body fat has gone down as it accumulates there the most. Even when I do the Plank exercise, I can see some overhang from the top of my shorts. Far from muffin tops that girls have, but hey, can still be removed. :)

I will continue doing my press ups and Planks in the morning and chart everything until next Monday. Will see what happens then.

For now I know omitting sugar in tea, chocolate, sweets, crisps, popcorn, fizzy drinks and other snacks really does make a difference in ones weight!


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