19 June 2009

Saying 'No' to junk

Starting from next Monday I am going to revert back to my "no junk food" healty eating regime. Have been letting myself loose in recent weeks eating stuff like popcorn, chocolate, cakes, ice cream etc, and yesterday, fish and chips. Though it has not made any effects on my body, none that I can see anyway, it certainly is not doing anything positive for my 'low body fat - more muscle' desire. And since I have been out practicing for my AA training a few times a week, needless to say, I have spent more time in the car than in the gym. I've just been going to the gym on average twice a week (if that!) instead of my usual thrice. Something's gotta give eh? I'll revert back to no crisps, chocolate and sweets - something which has been easy for me, especially crisps. I have gone without crisps since March 2008!! =D I will not snack in between meals, but when hunger does strike I will have oat cakes or snack on fruit and nuts or cereal bars etc. I will cut out fizzy drinks and cut out my one-sugar in my tea.

Right now, I am about 89kg, convert that to pounds and I get 195.8lbs. I would like to bring my weight up to 200lbs, but it's not going to be easy because I want that extra weight to come through as muscle weight. Cutting out in snacks and junks might result in good weight loss but will widen the gap from my target 200lbs. When starting from tomorrow at the gym I'm gonna increase the weight I lift and press to the next step up and just do three sets for each exercise. A set in my normal weight and two sets in the new heavier weight - e.g. a set of 8 in 17.5kg dumbbell curls and two sets of 20kg dumbbell curls. I might not manage a full second set, but will work till failure and build from there. Muscle burns fat, so to have bigger healthier muscles will indeed help with the burning of the unwanted thickness under my skins. And of course, not to forget to the abs as well. Having recently "rediscovered" the importance of working oblique muscles during abdominal workouts, I have researched into different exercises that work those side muscles and gives the six-pack that complete look. =) I guess I'll do doing more core exercises like The Plank to build up the strength of the midriff.

So the training is gonna be hardcore, but is not be limited to the gym. At home each morning I'm gonna do press ups and planks before my shower and will record my weight as well, first thing in the morning. We'll see how it goes after week. Needless to say, I will need to sleep early in order to get up early. So... back to 11pm bedtime from Sunday night :)

Above picture taken yesterday - family dinner at China Blue restaurant. :)


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