20 June 2009


My day today...

Woke up 08:40am, just moments before my alarm went off at 08:45am. Checked and replied to my Facebook messages (all from my Elaam!! :D). Had breakfast - two slices of Warburton's thick white bread, toasted and spread with peanut butter, and 500ml of my protein shake. Breakfast couldn't be filling as I had the gym after an hour or so. As soon as I finished breakfast I started packing my gym stuff. Took my time with it as I wanted to let the breakfast digest. I left the house at 09:45am and drove to Cineworld to get two tickets for 'Transformers 2'. I parked outside the cinema on the single yellow line with my hazard lights on. Being 10am the queue wasn't very long, only had 4 people in front of me, served by 2 open counters. I got an Unlimited ticket and an adult ticket for Alan. An adult ticket at the weekends is now £7!! £7!! That's crazy!! Watch any two movies in the same month and you would have exceeded the monthly fee for the Unlimited card! Lol! Then I drove to the gym, knowing our tickets for 4:10pm showing was secured and there was no need to queue later in the afternoon.

At the gym I ran for 45mins walked for 5mins. In the 50mins I covered 7.72km on 0.5 degree incline and burning 717kcals. Immense!! Felt so good after it! Then I did stretching and worked on my abs, ending with the plank and side planks. I'll need to look further into the plank exercises, cos the ones I did today tired out my arms and shoulders more than my midriff. Haha! Then I went through to the weights room and tried out the new regime I mentioned in my previous post.

Wide-grip pull up: x8
Behind-neck pull up: x5

Dumbbell press: One set with 27.5kg, Two sets with 30kg
Dumbbell flyers: One set with 20kg, then Two sets with 22.5kg (could only manage 5 reps in last set)

Seated compound row: One set 200lbs, Two sets 215lbs

Arnold press + Front deltoid raise + Side deltoid raise + Rear deltoid raise: All at 8 reps with 12.5kg dumbbells

Dumbbell curls: One set at 17.5kg, then two sets at 20kg

Weighted side exercise: Two x 10 reps with 25kg disk

Reverse barbell curls: One set 15kg, Two sets 17.5kg
Tricep dips: Two sets of 12 dips
Seated tricep extensions: One set at 35kg

To relax at the end of my workout I went down to the steam room and sauna and spent about half an hour there chilling out before going back up for a shower. Skin felt really nice, and still does! :)

I went home to have lunch: a 'zhong' (rice parcel) with some pork char siu and some vegetables, then drove out to meet Alan at Chinatown carpark and we walked to Cineworld to meet William for 'Transformers 2'. The 4:10pm showing was in Screen 3 and it was near full in this busy Saturday. The movie was good. The sound effects in the screen was very good. However, there seemed to be an issue with the audio in the film. Whenever there was dialogue, sound would only come out from the front so we had to strain out ears sometimes to make out what they were saying. After the movie we discussed it and thought maybe the audio was fine, but the special effects was on louder than normal, which could have made audio sound weird. Overall a good movie, although I dozed off in the middle as I was tired from the gym, but also cos it was a little bit long. :P

I came home to have dinner: 1.5 bowls of rice, some pieces of smoked haddock, a few mini chicken kievs and the main dish of beef with baby corn and sugar snaps. Lots of protein from the beef and vitamins and minerals from the veg. Rice provided carbs as well. Mini chicken kievs I tried to avoid because it was oven food and had cheese filling, but had some for the chicken. Smoked haddock is good as it has protein and fish oils :)


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