12 June 2009


Having been doing any money-saving blog posts as I have been busy, but also have not been out discovering new things. So this will be a short post about an old thing that is still valid today.

It's the company Dialaround. I think I discovered this company a few years back when mum used to call Hong Kong more often. At that time I searched online for cheap calls to Hong Kong / Singapore/ Malaysia etc and one of the best Google returns I received was Dialaround. This company allows you to call Hong Kong from a UK landline for 0.5p per minute. It is fab. I had previously not been fond of using the landline to call abroad cos I didn't want to be confined within my home when I make international call. However, I later realised that even the then best option of NOMI Call calling card I was not really saving that much money. The charge was 2p per minute at best, AND I had to use my mobile minutes to connect to a landline number.

This time round, whenever I want to call Elaam in HK, all I need to do it pick up my home phone and dial 0844 200 5050 to get connected to the Dialaround robot. I hear the announcement to remind me that calls through this number are charged at half-pence per minute, and then I get to type in the Hong Kong number starting 00 852- etc etc. It's fab. Mum called Hong Kong for 4o minutes last summer, noted it down for records and the call did come through on the next TalkTalk bill as 20p!! Ain't that fab!! =D

Now, a lot of people call abroad. This company does not only give cheaper calls to Hong Kong but to many other countries which are listed on the website. Examples include: Argentina, Denmark, France. Not all rates are 0.5p, some differ between calling their landlines or calling mobiles. So do check before you make that call. Fortunately I can call Elaam's landline or mobile at the same rate, however, Hong Kong mobiles pay to receive calls, which in my opinion is a farce, so I call the landline more often. :)

The website for Dialaround is - http://www.dialaround.co.uk/index2.php

The number for connecting to Hong Kong calls is - 0844 200 5050

Happy dialling! And remember to and get billpayer's permission before you dial!

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