02 March 2009

March Plan: Day One

Woke up at 7:15am, had my morning pee. Made today's lunch, which was a double decker sandwich (aka Big G Mac), and another wee sandwich for when I am studying. Did twenty normal gripped press ups. Rested for minute of so before doing 20 close gripped press ups. Stretched then went for a shower.

Arrived at work 8:18am and use the skimmed milk to make up 400ml protein whey shake, vanilla flavour (not as nice as chocolate was). Fifteen mins later had Tesco's cereal-alike cereal with a banana.

Tea break 11:05am had a Danone Activia yoghurt with a banana.

What was in the Big G Mac for lunch? Top layer was margarine, lettuce and five wee circular slices of chicken meat (like half the diameter of a cd). Bottom later was a piece of oven-cooked battered chicken and a cheese slice. So there I have my protein, vegetable and some fat for lunch. Had that with a cup of tea and an apple.

6:00pm I was in the local library studying my driving instruction stuff. Had a wee sandwich: slices of that chicken meat again with some lettuce. Washed down with water.

8:00pm, dinner at home. 1 and half bowls of rice with steamed eggs, cooked aubergines, pork char siu. Quite full after dinner. Three strawberries are dessert. =D

9:00pm, watched Heroes with a cup of tea. A spoonful of honey instead of sugar. Niiiice! :)

End of Day One. I feel fine. Not much change in body. Just need more sleep. Hehe!

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