04 March 2009

Change needed

It's not easy working, studying and gymming. Has anybody else ever tried working a day in the office 08:30am-5pm, then studying in the library 6pm-8pm followed by the gum between 8pm-10pm? I have been doing that every Tuesday and Thursday since January...and it SUCKS!!

My recent bright idea of a change or experiment in March, was indeed my body's cry out for something else in life. Something to bring excitement. The past two months have gone by almost in auto-pilot: mainly around work, study, gym, work, study, gym, church, cinema, party, work, study, gym... (you get the picture!). If it weren't for Elaam coming into my life, it would be very boring I tell ya. She has brought the fun back into me and we have spent quality time together, providing each other with words of encouragement, prayers of support, great food and love. I thank God for it all. =)

However, this morning at work, in my boredom (yes, it was really really quiet work today!!) I was thinking that I really need to sort out my weekly schedules out. Ideally I do not want to study then gym then go home to have dinner after 10pm!! It's stupid! I don't even like eating after 10pm, but because I come back from the gym around 10:30pm on Tuesday and Thursday nights I must eat after my workout. Need to stock up in protein and carbohydrates. Then, with a full stomach I look at the time, and it usually just leaves me with 45mins before my ideal bedtime of midnight. I don't want to sleep with a full stomach. Besides avoiding stored calories turning into fat, I also feel uncomfortable lying down with a stomach full of food. =/

So what alternatives do I have? Well ideally I'd like to try gymming, eating then studying. That way I know my food will definitely have time to digest whilst I exercise my brain. However, what library opens past 8pm? I am no longer a student so I can't get into university libraries. Even if I can get in, the idea of using someone else's matric card to get through the turnstiles still makes me a little weary. And I don't like borrowing people's stuff cos I like freedom to use the card anytime/ day I want and that is not a viable option. People have exams as well so will also need to study. So... no library to go to after gym and dinner. What's else?

I have decided NOT to do the two things in any one day. That is, after work on a week day, I will only either go to the gym or go to the library. There should be no real need to study and gym, cramming everything in like that. It takes too much time and I only have 7 hours between finishing work and sleeping at midnight. I do need time to chill, really. I have resorted to spread my activities out over the week instead.

Here's what I do in a typical week (outwith work): Library, Gym, Cinema, Church, Time with Elaam. I am not sure how I'm going to spread these things out. But I know I'd like to keep Sunday free from these activities. I want Sunday to be a day of rest. To not think about work (I don't anyway!) or studying or even going to the gym. I want Sundays 'off' to just chillax. To go to church, possibly serve, feed from Jesus then to socialise with brothers and sisters in Christ, see Elaam or go home. That's it. I don't want anything strenuous on a Sunday. Even when I work as a driving instructor, I plan to take Sundays off. :)

So that's Sunday out of the way... what about the rest of the week?

With the exception of Mitchell Library, the rest of the City Council libraries open till 8pm on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. (Mitchell incudes a Wednesday). All other days they close at 5pm, so that is ruled out. We can confirm Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays are the best days to study after work, right?

The gym opens till 10:30pm week days and till 5:30pm weekends. But I don't want to look at the late closing time as I'd want to have left the gym well before 10pm. Ideally around 8-8:30pm!

Orange Wednesdays happen once a week. That's when I enjoy a movie with Elaam. We have watched six movies at the cinema so far and our seventh one, Gran Torino, will be tonight!! =D I don't want to give up going to the cinema.

If I gym Monday, Wednesday, Friday, I could possibly study Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday(?!)... erm, nah! Don't think I'd like to study on a Sat! I'd rather gym! Also, another reason why I would not want to set up gym on Mondays and Fridays is because those are the bank holiday days and the gym would find any excuse to close early on like mid-term, Easter, Christmas etc. They always seem to affect the Fridays and Mondays - that sucks! So it's a safer option to choose Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to gym.

Ok, that's it!! Monday: study, Tuesday: gym, Wednesday: study and Orange Wednesday, Thursday: gym, Friday: study (but where? - everywhere shuts at 5pm!), Saturday: gym, Sunday: chillax! There! Sorted...I think! Only leaves me with how I can study on a Friday if no libraries are open. The only option is to consider Western Infirmary library. But! Hm... not too sure about that. Maybe time spent with my AA Instructor, Ronnie, is also classed as studying because after all, it is AA-related. So I'll either have my AA training on Fridays after work or Saturday mornings. We'll see about that.
Yes, so after all this, I think I have found a new schedule for my life as of next Monday! I will study after work from 6pm till roughy 8pm, if it rolls over then ok, if not, then I'll get dinner at home or with Elaam. (Did I ever mention Elaam is a great cook?) Finishing studying or gym early will mean I will not be sleeping with a full stomach anymore and I will hope to be in bed for midnight every night, waking up at 7am on weekdays. :)

Thanks for reading!! =P

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