03 March 2009

March Plan: Day Two

7:00am, woke up and made sandwiches for lunch and studying time.

7:30am, packed for the gym, the did press ups and showered and shaved.

8:30am, had first protein shake followed by cereal with banana.

11:15am, had yoghurt with a banana

1:30pm, had sandwich, tea and apple for lunch whilst reading The Essential Guide to passing ADI Part 3

5:45pm-9:00pm, studied at Western Infirmary library. Prepared lesson on Emergency Stop/ Use of Mirrors for next Monday.

Didn't go to the gym tonight, but will definitely go on Thursday and superset through chest, back, arms and abs :D

10:00pm, had dinner at home.

Going to bed for midnight after some Pro Evolution Soccer :)

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