06 March 2009

March Plan: Day Four/ Five

I'm reaching the end of my first week of my healthy eating regime, if you can call it that. Well, my March Plan. I've decided not to stick to it as strictly as that. I did my push ups yesterday morning, but not this morning as I was too tired. My alarm went off at 07:00am this morning, as usual, but I ended up sleeping in till 07:30am, so lost lots of valuable time. I slept quite late last night, after 1:00am, reason being I came home so late, 10:45pm and had dinner. At 11:45pm I washed the dishes but still had a full stomach that I could not sleep with. So I ended up playing few games of Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 on my Playstation 3. I used my new-found favourite Chelsea team, beat Tunisia 3-0, lost 3-0 to Newcastle, then drew with Barcelona only to lose two goals in extra time. Haha! I feel I've improved a lot with Chelsea. I used to favour Barcelona but now find it easier to use Chelsea.

I wasn't just playing Pro Evolution Soccer to kill time. It was also to prepare for today after work. My colleague Ian invited me and another colleague Ryan to go to his place for some football action tonight. He stays not far from work, so it basically means I can leave the office and go straight into Pro Evo mode! =D The last time I played Ian was in my house back in January. The time prior to that was in Ian's house in December. Ian did comment on my improved skills when we played in January as compared to December. But we don't know how well Ryan plays. I think I will stick with Chelsea tonight and give it my best shot. Refraining from bad tackles and hacking at ankles will be an improvement for me. And being able to hold on to the ball, keeping possession are things I need to focus on. Currently I have a habit of making short passes each time I get the ball, which means I lose the ball more often and that can lead to breakaways on the counter and worse, a goal for the opposition! =O

Looking forward to dinner at Ian's place too. They're going to great lengths to accommodate my eating preferences too. Ian initially suggested getting pizza for dinner. Nothing wrong with pizza generally, but when I think of pizza, I think of grease. And when I think of grease, I picture it wrapped around my heart. And that's scary. No, I don't have a fear of pizza or anything greasy, but just would prefer to eat healthily if I get the choice. Monday was when we started discussing what food to have. I suggested I could bring up some food of my own, if they didn't mind. Ian then discussed with his other half Leanne and they have now suggested Jack Daniels chicken legs and potatoes and salad. That sounds fab! I appreciate how others can be so nice to cook healthily for me. It's nice :)

Gonna have an eventful weekend. Nothing like last Saturday of course. Won't be fully booked like last week. Tomorrow morning I'm going to give my first driving lesson to Elaam. Prepared the briefing/ lesson plan last night. Then will need to visit Specsavers to sort out getting daily contact lenses, then maybe a quick visit to the gym (just maybe, cos at the time of writing I am not in the mood for it), then study some more and chillax. Sunday I'm going up to Edinburgh to join ECEC for their church service. Will be my first church service in Edinburgh. Then afterwards I should be attending a birthday dinner. Won't say much about it right now cos I don't know much about it, and it might be a surprise so I might spoil things. =P

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