04 March 2009

March Plan: Day Three

07:00am, alarm went off. Stopped it. Logged on Facebook, logged on Gmail. Nothing exciting. Went back to snooze for 20mins...

07:20am: got up to make today's lunch, pack my bag, push ups, shower and leave for work.

08:20am: arrived at work. Colleague Ian joked about me logging all my life on this blog. Hahaha! Had my protein drink and cereal with banana.

11:05am: strawberry yoghurt with banana. Did not feel it was filling enough.

1:06pm: lunch of sandwich, tea and apple.

6:00pm: Family dinner at home with Elaam - rice, chicken, duck, fish, veg and 'foo-jok tong sui'

11:55pm: A chunk of melon before flossing and brushing teeth for bed.

After deciding on my change of plans earlier today I think I will put this March Plan back on the shelf for a while. I will still not eat junk in between meals and stuff but will not be listing what I eat. I think it'll get boring. Haha!

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