25 February 2009

A bit about me

1618hrs right now in my office in Glasgow. It's bright outside but don't look let that fool you. The winds are still icy. In fact, the weather turned rather cold from last Saturday night onwards. Have no idea why. It was just getting better after the recovery from the snow storm over a fortnight ago. Anyway, work is quiet today and the boss is off on leave until Monday. So I thought I'd satisfy my urge to blog and say Hi to everyone! :) HI!

Been feeling like I have a lot to say, but I held back from posting because I was thinking of compiling that '25 Things About You' list that has recently been going around on Facebook. I tried and I tried, but still struggled to come up with 25 things about myself worth putting on Facebook or even on this journal. Up to now I have only... lemme count ah... 11 things that I could share with you. So I think I'll just them now and get them out of way and stop thinking of it. Hahaha! So... some facts about me:

- I log on to Facebook and Gmail on average once every hour through my phone. Only time I do not is when I'm sleeping or watching a movie or in church.

- I have sharp ears. I can pick up various conversations around me, esp in this office. I put it down my hearing ability making up for my visual ability (need for glasses).

- I have a good memory. I can recall stories and funny stuff about people and events that happened and scenes from movies even without effort. Ask me to memorise or study stuff, that would take much more hard work!

- I use my phone calendar as an organiser. I have so many things to do these days that I have to use my calendar to plan ahead, so I know what I will be doing even up to two months ahead. My weeks are pretty much packed. Without my phone/ organiser I'd feel quite lost.

- My favourite part of my body are my arms and chest. I am pretty pleased with how my body has developed in the past year and half of training at the gym. Though I also like my shoulders and abs, I do favour my arms and chest. =p

- I look after my possessions. No matter if it were my phone, my PS3 or other gadgets I own, I keep the boxes for them and if applicable, by a cover for them. My laptop is two years old and I still have the pink foam sheet which goes between monitor and keyboard when you shut it to avoid scratches. The same care applies to my loved ones: family member and partner (except I don't buy covers for them! =p)

- A few years ago I would worry if I put on weight, nowadays I worry if my weight drops. As I am training my weight is sure to go up along with muscle mass. But if I lose weight and if it isn't due to dieting or doing more cardio work, then it's worrying and I think of ways to maintain a more stable weight.

- I can do behind-the-neck-pullups. When I watched 'I Am Legend' I admired how Will Smith exercised in the morning, doing the pull ups and running etc. I felt it was near impossible for me to. But after an increase in wide grip pull ups as warm-up each time I hit the gym, I found the behind-the-neck-pull up a reality for me. It is harder than standard pull ups (I can do five per set as opposed to 8) but I am quite pleased with myself that I can do them :)

- I always carry my camera in my bag and have a spare battery along with it. I enjoy taking pictures and what can be worse than trying to take a picture of classic moment only to be greeted with the words on the screen 'Change Battery Pack'?

- I have developed a way of suppressing anger and frustration on the surface. Having worked in customer service sector since 2003, dealing with telephone and email enquiries, I have developed a 'skill' of sounding happy, impartial, nice and polite whilst communicating with frustrating or even irrate people. I find this tends to apply to my personal life to, where I am able to hold my tongue in most situations and say things in a more subtle way, soft and gentle but my heart is wanting to shout, "Arrrrrgggghhhh!"

- Hunger can lead to anger. Yes, this is one thing about me which people may relate to. I can tolerate a lot of things: the heat, the cold, even frustrating or challenging situations. But one thing I can't tolerate is hunger, especially when doing physically challenging things like moving house, DIY or stuff that means I exert energy. My metabolic rate has increased a few folds in recent times and so I find whenever I stop for a wee break from doing the activity, my stomach will speak to me and tell me to feed it. My body is like an engine. Feed me and I will keep on running/ working for you. Don't feed me and I may collapse (not literally - I may just leave and rush home to eat! =p)

Oh, here is one to add, which I suddenly remembered!

- I enjoy dancing. I once tried Salsa. That was cool. Would have went back for those free classes at Havana Bar if only they were after the smoking ban came into play! I also like Ceilidh dancing and I think freestyle, just letting the body move to the rhythm and groove to the beat! :D

There! Twelve wee facts about me. Now itis 1658hrs and it's time to pack up. Have a date with a lovely girl to attend to! Ciao!! :D

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