06 October 2009

Wait wait wait!

As I sit here in the office, eating my char siu rice (my mum makes the best char siu btw!!) I think about the things that I have yet to do and what is holding me back. I am less than impressed with the recent Royal Mail strikes that have been going on locally and nationally. The employees have no idea what impact their actions and decisions have on ordinary people. In fact, being on strike: not collecting mail from post boxes, not sorting mail in delivery offices, and not delivery mail to houses and businesses, even for a day, can have consequences and cause chain effects to people's lives. It's very unfair. They do these things to show the "bosses" that they mean business. That they really want those pay rises or better working conditions. Fair enough, employees have a right to appeal for better conditions, but once the "bosses" give in and they come to some sort of agreement, business is never does "resumes as normal" because there will be a backlog, there will be people waiting for important deliveries of documents or ordinary mail. Bills of various sorts, for example, that might have a deadline for payment, will be stalled and might cause the debtor higher fines. Those who await/ expect delivery of important present for a special birthday would have to disappoint the 80 year old granny at her party, or worse still, it could be a sixteen year old girl's birthday. Fortunately I have not been affected in these described ways. However, I am STILL waiting for my ADI green badge!!

I sent the application away with my two passport photos and my cheque, on Monday 21st September, which was day two into the unofficial Royal Mail strikes in Glasgow. It was picke up on Wednesday 23rd September. There was no news or notification from the DSA and there was no movement in my account showing the cheque was cashed. Last Thursday, 1st of Oct, the three-figure amount was deducted from my account. So at least some action has been taken by DSA in processing my application. So now I await for the ADI badge to arrive any time now. However, there are STILL Royal Mail strikes happening around the UK. This time a lot of them being down England. The DSA is in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, but who knows if they are affected too? Sigh!! I don't want to wait so long for my badge, but because I want to get my AA tuition car asap. Already there are people asking me when I start. I can only tell them, "Soon, hopefully, in a few weeks." And I smile. But inside I am frustrated. Because once I know the date I collect my new Ford Focus, I will hand in my four weeks notice to my current employer. Hopefully I will have the car by week two of that notice, leaving me two weeks of possibly working evening and weekends before giving tuition full time. But for now I am STUCK!

Another thing I'm waiting for is letter of confirmation for my business account with the Alliance and Leicester. My telephone application on Monday 28th Sept went through fine and they sent me out a letter on the same day confirmation start of process of my application. However, I only received the letter last Friday (2nd of Oct!). On Sunday I got a call from A&L asking me to confirm my name again as I used my full name Kwok Wing Gordon So. I asked what stage the application was at, and the woman kindly told me it's almost complete. That was Sunday morning. Maybe they sent me the pack and it's stuck there not collected for delivery? Ok, maybe two days is too quick for me to expect my welcome pack and account details, but I feel so DELAYED right now!

Last Friday (2nd Oct), I ordered a mattress from Argos. Was told delivery would be within five business days and that they'd contact me soon to arrange delivery. I wanted to know asap so I could take a half-day off work to be home to receive it. However, Saturday (3rd) I received a call telling me there is a delay with the supplier (Rest Assured?) in getting the mattress, but once they get stock they will contact me again to arrange delivery. The latest they will contact me by would be 11th October. No way man!! =O Why is everything being delayed? This time, I can't pin the blame on Royal Mail. This time, it's just crap! If I wanted to kick up a fuss, I could have said their terms of sales said clearly delivery within five working days and taking me to (potentially) 11th October would surely exceed that! Sigh... but I'll wait. No choice but to wait. They have my money already. I'm at their mercy.

You see, I believe everything happens for a reason. God knows everything big and small thing that happens in our lives. I just wish I would know the reason for this wait. Is God teaching me patience? Does my patience have to be tuned up some more before I take behind the wheel and teach? Would this waiting game help prepare me in any way for the next steps into my career? Whilst I'm waiting to start as a driving instructor, am I of any use to anybody? Does anybody benefit from my presence? I know for sure a lot of people are interested in learning from me. No, please don't be mistaken, I am not getting big-headed here. What I'm saying is, there are expectations of me now. In fact, I would say there are great expectations of me. And I want to fulfil these expectations. I don't like letting people down. So why can't I proceed with my ideal job and make people happy at the same time? Huh?! =/

Still awaiting:
- Alliance & Leicester account details
- Mattress
- ADI badge
- Present

Things yet to be done:
- Confirm franchise with AA
- Choose accountant
- Hand in notice
- Join D.I.A.
- Register for Pass Plus
- Read up on Licensing laws (foreign/ provisional/ UK)
- Learn test areas and routes
- Inform HMRC of self-employment


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