27 October 2009

Manchester visit

Mum's birthday was on Sunday (25th) and our family travelled down to Manchester and spent the weekend eating, walking, shopping, eating, shopping and more eating! Haha!

The weather wasn't bad overall. I recall two moments that it rained on us as we navigated our way around the busy city with Google Maps on paper and through my HTC Magic phone. The food was goood! We only had Chinese cuisines whilst down in Manchester. Mainly for mum to try out different Chinese food that we don't have here in Glasgow. Saturday evening the three of us had a four-persons set dinner which had soup, scallops and lobster for starters, then the mains were tofu dish, egg and clams dish, chicken dish and veg dish. For dessert we had sago and oranges. We were truly stuffed.com! =P The four star hotel room was very nice. The two double beds and double sofa bed provided us with a good night's sleep AND we had an extra one hour added on to our clocks which was a bonus! =) Before going down to Manchester I had decided and said to Cat that I was gonna let myself go during my time down in Manchester. By that I meant eating anything I want - no holds barred. After Saturday night's feast was well and truly out of my system, I looked forward to the buffet breakfast on Sunday morning. My goodness! What an eye-opener! Here's what I ended up gorging in my biggest breakfast ever!:

Had all the above to myself and after almost an hour and a half of stuffing my face I was well and truly about to burst!! Lol!

Visited the Manchester Chinatown which spanned over a few blocks rather than just the wee warehouse we have in Glasgow Cowcaddens area. Went into the supermarkets and wee shops that sold cd's/ dvds's and stationery etc. I didn't get anything Chinese for myself this time. Felt rather uncomfortable lugging so many bags around after we checked out of the hotel but I kept it to myself as it was mum's birthday weekend and that was the most important point. :) The train home was crap. Didn't get our reserved seats due to overcrowding. Was so glad to be home nice and relaxed on Sunday night!! :) Mum seemed to have really enjoyed herself this weekend and that was mega cool. She truly deserved a break from the norm. =) Had such a laugh on Sunday morning - check out my Facebook video if you're my Facebook friend =D

Business trip

And now it looks like no more travelling for a while. Actually, I have another train journey to take as I go down to Leicester in a few weeks time. This one is for business, not for pleasure. Haha! Today is Tuesday... which means in three weeks time I will be heading down to a wee town called Market Harborough for an AA conference where I meet all the other new driving instructor franchisees AND I get to pick up my brand new Ford Focus 1.6 Zetec tuition car! Whoo-hoo! My official start date with the AA will be Thursday 19th November, when I drive the car up to Glasgow. Journey is estimated to be around 328.6miles and will take 5hrs 32mins - according to AA Route Planner. This journey will give me the chance to familiarise myself with the powerful car and will definitely put my TomTom IQ Routes to the test. I look forward to seeing all the different motorway lane images appear each time I'm on the motorway, telling which lane to go on etc. It's so cool! =D

I have three weeks left till my start date and I will be using these three weeks to finish off reading four books.

Almost done the yellow book, tips about general communication with friends, bosses, strangers, making impressions, how to win people over etc. This book I started reading since April 2008!! Haha! Never quite got to finish it as I don't read a lot, but almost there now and the previous few chapters have been very interesting indeed. I will need to refresh myself on the Highway Code as well, remind myself of the rules of the road as well as best practice tips for driving in UK roads. Will be useful when I'm answering pupils' questions about theory etc. Driving the Essential Skills is known as the "bible" for all of Britain's drivers and the benchmark which the DSA driving examiners work from. Having this book provides detailed information on all aspects of driving, from care of car to control of car, from how to perform a manoeuvre to what to do in an accident. Finally, the Instructor Techniques and Practices. This will be most useful when I'm in the passenger (instructor) seat, as I guide my pupils through their lessons and make their lessons as informative and as enjoyable as possible so we increase their learning capacity.

These few weeks are gonna be busy busy! =D


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