22 October 2009

AA start date

Just off the phone with the AA. Denise confirmed she received my franchise pack around midday. Great news! Whilst on the call with her I checked the Royal Mail tracking site which said my package was still getting delivered! Lol! Ah well, it got there anyway!

So, I paid my deposit and an admin fee and I am now booked in for the AA instructor conference on 18th and 19th of November. Because I will be travelling down from Glasgow, and the conference starts 10:30am on the 18th, there is no way I could make it down on the Wednesday morning to start in time. So they have arranged for me to stay another night at their assigned hotel, which is most likely to be the Horthorpe Hall where the conference takes place too.

The website for the place is http://www.hothorpe.co.uk/ and first sight it looks quite plush! =D

For Wednesday and Thursday I'll have all meals and lodging provided. For the extra Tuesday night, I'll only have lodging provided and will have to sort out my own meals! Gong jiy mein!! Haha!! Nah, most likely gonna have meal in hotel or something and claim that back through expenses. I'll need to sort out train travel as well and Denise mentioned a short taxi trip from Market Harborough station to the place. So exciting!

I wonder if it would be easy to travel to Leicester Cineworld from my place of stay? =P


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