09 October 2009

Dinner treat


Marriott UK Payroll Survey we conducted in August

We received a significant 80 % response rate comparing to the 63 % response rate in March 2009.

In summary:

- 100% of HR Professionals are satisfied (Top 3 Box) with the Hewitt Oracle Payroll Support Centre
- 100% of HR Professionals are satisfied (Top 3 Box) with the Hewitt Customer Service Associates
- 99% of HR Professionals are satisfied (Top 3 Box) with Overall Payroll Services.

Our associates have also achieved 100% satisfaction score for:

- Deliver what they promise, when they promise
- Are courteous and polite
- Ask relevant questions

As a treat for our outstanding performance our team of seven has been offered a dinner treat at the Metropolitan Restaurant in Candleriggs, Merchant City in Glasgow. =D

As soon as we heard about this offer, one word immediately sprang into the heads of myself and my workmate, David: "Steaks!!". We guys love steak! Lots of meat puh-lease! Our manager, Bob, makes up the third guy in this team. I think he'll be up for steak as well. Lol! The last work's night out we had, back in January, where we were treated to dinner for good performance also, took place at The Grill at the Corner restaurant. I wanted to be different from everyone and chose the ostrich steak. To my disappointment the piece of avian meat, if I can even call it that, was tiny! Man, everyone else's rump steak or salmon looked waaay bigger than my wee lump of ostrich, sitting there on top of a bed of caramelised onions. The sweetness from the caramelised onions overtook any taste of the bird meat. My side order of mash potatoes and honey glazed carrots were "delayed" for almost ten minutes. I sat there waiting, looking around the restaurant awkwardly trying to avoid eye contact from the ten other diners I shared my table with. Occasionally I'd pick up and sip my fresh orange and lemonade...slowly. Then I'd decline any kind offers of "would you like some of my chips?", "would you like to try some of this?" whilst ignoring comments like, "oh! this tastes lovely!", "yes this is fantastic!". Those comments made me hungry! =O

This time round, I will make sure I go armed and ready to pick the right meal to fulfil my hunger meat! We've already been told what the menu's are gonna be like. There will be three set menu's to choose from. All three menus include steak: Minute steak, (the name reminds me of something small and tiny - no way am I going back to that!), Prime Scottish rib eye (now we're getting somewhere! but still looking for something better!) and last but not least, Prime cut of Scottish sirloin steak! Oooh la la!! Now THAT'S what I'm talking about! =D **mouth watering already!** Yes, the last set menu is indeed the most expensive, at £31.95 for three courses. I've decided what to have for my main course, but what about starter? Not sure yet. Wanna see what else is on offer?

Maybe you can give me some recommendations!

Set Menu £31.95

Soup of the day served with crusty bread

Pan fried scallops, cauliflower puree, diced black pudding, smoked ham and a white wine and chive sauce

Ham Hough and tarragon terrine with a rhubarb and orange chutney, toasted brioche and mixed leaf salad

Wild mushroom and basil risotto with parmesan shavings

~ ~ ~

Chicken breast with savoy cabbage, celeriac and potato dauphinoise, green beans and mustard sauce

Potato and herb gnocchi with cherry vine tomatoes, baby spinach, cream, black olives and olive oil

Whole steamed trout stuffed with fennel & lemon served with new potatoes, green beans and caper, anchovy and garlic butter sauce

Prime cut of Scottish sirloin served with grilled tomato, field mushrooms, rocket salad and Maris piper chips

~ ~ ~

Selection of homemade sweets and dairy ice cream

So... one question you might have on your mind. When is this dinner gonna take place? In a fortnight's time! Roll on Friday the 23rd!! =D


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  1. just go for steak :p the most expensive one