20 October 2009

They are here!!

In my blogpost from 6th October titled "Wait wait wait!" I complained how frustrated I was being delayed in progressing with starting up my driving tuition. Two weeks down the line and I can finally report that there has been some progress! So I ended that particular blogpost with these two lists:

Still awaiting:
- Alliance & Leicester account details
- Mattress
- ADI badge
- Present

My mattress arrived on Wednesday 14th Oct. My shoulder was sore that day, but I managed to slowly replace my former Silentnight Miracoil mattress with a Rest Assured mattress which weighed at least another 5kgs more than the former. The mattress has provided me with great sleep thus far! :)

My Approved Driving Instructor badge arrived the next day, on the 15th! With the badge here, all I had to do was wait for bank details before I sign up for my AA franchise.

Well... this morning my Alliance & Leicester bank details arrived too! Yes!! So tonight I finished filling in my AA franchise application with my bank details and I will send it away tomorrow Special Delivery for delivery on Thursday. Yep, here is me talking about the Royal Mail strikes again. By now I'm sure almost everyone in the UK will know about the proposed two day national walkout planned to Thursday and Friday this week. The Royal Mail website said it will still deliver Special Deliver mail on Thursday morning, but anything sent on Thursday or Friday will not be picked up or delivered. So tomorrow lunch time, I will be jostling with all other local east end residents in pushing my franchise application form through to be delivered. Let's hope I make it there and back within my one hour lunch break!! So... I have a planned start date with the AA - Thursday 19th November. Why so far away? I shall explain a little later.

The final thing I'm waiting for: Present. There is an expected date of arrival of 5th November. We hold on tight! =P

Things yet to be done:
- Confirm franchise with AA
- Choose accountant
- Hand in notice
- Join D.I.A.
- Register for Pass Plus
- Read up on Licensing laws (foreign/ provisional/ UK)
- Learn test areas and routes
- Inform HMRC of self-employment

As I said, I am sending away my franchise application tomorrow. I also met my accountant yesterday after work. The guy will do my sums for me at the end of the tax year and he will liaise with the HMRC on my behalf and tell them of my change to self-employment. All I have to do from now on is to start keeping all my receipts as I can get tax relief on my franchise fees, fuel, training aids, phone calls, association fees etc etc. Lots of things that I 'output' for my business. I was glad to meet with John who explained the tax deadlines to me and it sounded much easier in English, rather than technical talk on websites and publications.

Last Friday my manager Bob asked me if I would consider changing from full time to work part time in the office. Bob is leaving Hewitt at the middle of November and is now training a replacement. Suzanne is starting maternity leave in a few weeks. There will be a replacement needed too. And if I leave too, well, needless to say, it's not gonna make things any easier for our wee team really. Taking up this offer would benefit two parties: they will keep my experience for a while longer and I will keep some steady income whilst my business establishes. So this morning I submitted a letter to my manager stating I'd like to take up the offer of the part time role. And my proposed idea is to work five mornings a week, doing 8:30am-12:15pm. Finishing at that time will mean I can start my first driving lesson at 1pm. :) I think this will be a good start for me as I enter self-employment. I have a few people who are genuinely interested in taking lessons with me, and a few more whom I will need to clarify if and when they want to start. So when my client base builds up and I need to free up my mornings too, I will submit my one month notice to Hewitt and leave then.

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to go part time. That was not something offered to me at the start when I first informed my company of my plans. So, I believe God provides and he protects. His plans are to prosper me and not to harm me. :)

So now!! What's left to do?

Decide which association to join: Driving Instructors Association or The Motor Schools Association of Great Britain.

Register to teach Pass Plus.

Familiarise myself with training areas and test routes for Springburn, Anniesland and Shieldhall test centres.

And pick up some Provisional Licence (D1) application forms for potential students.


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